I a 33 years old had a mastectomy in October 2007, it didn’t bother me that much was just glad to get rid of the breast as my tumor was 70mm which was practically my whole breast. Have been wearing my softie (that’s if I can find it most of the time!) Most days I don’t bother I just wear normal tops with my coat over and no one really notices. I have just finished cycle 3 out of 6 FEC chemo. I have to admit chemo was the one I was dreading the most, but hand on heart it has not been as bad as I thought it would be.

Just remember to take one day at time, don’t overload yourself with everything all at once. Take one treatment at time, and don’t feel pressurised into anything you are not clear about. Everything is happening all at once so just take time for yourself and accept all the help family and friends offer you. You will be amazed at how much your friends and family can be there for you in different ways. But MOST IMPORTANTLY if you need to cry, go ahead and let it all out. You will get angry and frustrated it is all part of this thing called breast cancer

Love and hugs



this is my first time at writing a comment although I have often read through others. I am JUST 39 ! was diagnosed with breast cancer last October and am now in the middle of radiothrapy treatment. As many have commented its such an emotional roller coaster, and how my life has changed over the past few months. Although at the moment I am feeling very sore and tired from the treatment I can see light at the end of the tunnel it has helped reading such positvie comments.

I spent my 39th birthday having raddiotherapy treatment having no energy to celebrate but at least I will be here for my 40th which I tend to celebrate big style. !

Hi Em & Everyone

I’m on 3xFEC followed by 3xTAX. Will have 2 out of 3 FEC over on Tues…can’t wait til it’s all over.

I’m an outdoor pursuits instructor and am having major withdrawal symptoms. I’m still working, but my boss is more comfortable at the minute with letting me do mentoring and some youth work. I want to do proper work as soon as, cos I’m getting fat with the reduction in activity.

Oncologist has asked me not to do water based activities too, so that’s a pain cos I bought a sexy new canoe paddle in oct and haven’t been able to use it yet - boo.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

A x