Hi there everyone, 


I’m new here, found a lump in my right breast 3 weeks ago, I went to the breast clinic yesterday, had a mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy.

the ultrasound lady told me that what she saw wasn’t normal and we would have to do something about it and to prepare myself.

my appointment is 16th May.

we are due to pay the outstanding balance for our summer holiday 6th May so feel like everything has stopped and I’m in limbo!

im very calm about it all and just feel sad and sorry for those around me really. 


Thanks for listening 

Hello and sorry you find yourself among us - it’s a wonderful supportive forum, but of course not one of us wanted to be here.


I am sorry that you have to wait - that seems a long time to be left in limbo, and I am wondering if you can’t contact a Breast Cancer nurse at the clinic, and see if you can get a little more help or guidance?  I only have my own personal experience to go by, and last year when I discovered my ‘lump’ then the one-stop-shop appointment gave me an answer on the day, in terms of getting things moving for me?  Maybe others will come here and say otherwise, but almost 3 weeks seems a long time to be told nothing except to brace yourself?


I truly wish you all the best.