Newby had surgery couple of questions

Hi everyone newbi here afraid im still learning the abbreviations etc diagnosed with dcis at the age of 32 this was 3weeks ago and had my mastectomy on Thursday and came home Friday. Drain removed yesterday thank god.

They only took 2 lymph nodes one showed borderline cancer so hopefully loosing my breast was the best thing and they caught it in time? Has anyone else had this?

Feelibg ok but one side of my mouth is really hurting it like raging tooth ache I presume it’s from the anestethic but did anyone else suffer? Any ideas to ease the pain?

Would love to hear from others in same sisituation thanks for reading xx

Hi Tonsky

In addition to the shared experiences your fellow users will be along with soon, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk any queries over, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Tonsky

welcome to the forum but equally sorry that you have found yourself here.

I had my lumpectomy and sentinel nodes done last Fridaytook got an infection on the roof of my mouth around 2 days after my op and I’m now on penicillin. For me, I think when the tubes were removed from my throat, they scratched the roof of my mouth or even perhaps scratched it on the way down.

That could be a possibility for you. Perhaps the tubes were pressed against your tooth. I’d suggest getting an appointment with your dentist.

I hope you are healing well.
Take care
Martha xx

Thanks lucy and martha

Day 4 and pain still there so I think your right off to the dentist I go