Newby Unsure!

I’m new on here. I am unsure if I have found a long hard lump or if it just normal! it in on the bottom of right boob and seems to be about an inch long. I’m thinking it may be my muscle??? unsure. what do you think?? I have an appointment at the doctors on Friday but i dont really want to feel like im wasting their time to be told it my muscle or nothing to worry about.

many thanks

I wanted someone to say oh don’t bother with dr you’re worrying about nothing, because i was scared, and I didn’t want to go. If it is just part of you, the sense of relief will make up for any foolishness you might feel. if it is something to be concerned about, you will feel relief you went when you did. not immediately, but down the line, deffinately…Good luck.

Hi Vix

You know your body and if something doesn’t feel right then you’re not wasting the doctor’s time by getting it checked out. Good luck on Friday xx

Hi Vix2008, please see this through I agree with Maggiemay22 you are certainly not wasting anyones time. If something in your body feels out of place put your mind at rest. Am sending you lots of positive thoughts Good Luck for Friday, please let us know. Take Care Meg x

Hi Vix - I agree totally with the other ladies; if it is something that you havent noticed before, whether it feels like a lump or mass, for your own peace of mind you must get it checked. It could be a number of things quite innocent, so dont put off going to the docs. Lots and lots of luck and love for Friday x x x

Thank you all very much for the support. x

Good luck for Friday x being checked out is never a waste of time x

no youre not wasting time, get it checked, be prepared to be sent to a breast clinic to have it checked properly, dont let this shock you, thats where the experts are and where you are better off.
good luck,
let us know how you get on
angie xx