Newby with post treatment problems

Hi. I’m new on the site, the reason I joined is that I needed to know whether anyone else was experiencing the same problems as me. I had a WLE on 26/09/12 followed by an infection that was drained during an ultrasound. The hard red area never went away and I was told that this was normal and may never go away. I started radiotherapy in November and experienced redness, soreness and extreme fatigue. In December a boil appeared and was aspirated at the breast clinic. It showed a small amount of fat and oil and I was told it was a cyst. Within 3 days, my boob exploded with a huge amount of pus through the needle hole. It kept weeping and I was sent for an ultrasound. A 2.5cm pocket of pus was found and aspirated. This week another boil appeared and exploded yesterday, again an enormous amount of pus. I had it dressed at the clinic but I get the impression that they feel I’m being a wuss. They keep telling me that all the samples taken for path tests come back normal and this is just an unfortunate side effect of the radiotherapy. I have been really positive throughout but this is getting me down.

Hi Georgiet and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will have here from your fellow users please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays and they will support you through this

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Hi Georgiet
Since my surgery in July I have had small spots appear around 3 different parts of my scar line (I had a therapuetic mammoplasty which is a WLE and boob uplift). They looked like normal spots with yellow heads but were more tender than any spot I have ever had. I am a nurse so was not too worried as these things do happen. I squeezed them myself and the pus was quite thick and cottage cheese like (sorry, sounds gross). They healed with no problem. They always appeared after a dose of chemo when I was at my lowest. Since starting rads I have had a blood blister appear on the scar line which went down after a couple of days.
I think they are quite normal things to have. The rads staff told me that its the inflammation that the radiation causes that makes these things happen. Yours will be worse as you had an infection post surgery. It leaves that area more vulnerable. I am sure that after all the treatment is finished it will settle down. I know it must be getting you down but I have seen some shocking wounds in my career and they heal very well in the end.
Hope this has helped.

Hi Mandyj hope you don’t mined me asking you but you are the first one I have seen who as had therapeutic mammoplasty ,I had T.M and Brest reduction .there is quite a difference in size and symmetry of my breast I was informed would be a cup size smaller I was 32f but think surgeon took more than expected so after Rads think I could end up 32C or D not sure yet, as mentioned in other posts could not have both reduced at same time du to blood condition (clotting disorder) because of possible complications. Just wondering if it is same for you best wishes AnnG