I just posted to say hello as another reluctant member of this group but now confused as my original post disappeared.  I am newly diagnosed and reeling. I was called back after a routine mammogram, had a biopsy / ultrasound and told straight away that it was cancer.  Had the follow up to get results yesterday which confirmed a Grade 2, invasive cancer which is very small and told it is treatable.  Now booked in for surgery on 3rd August, lumpectomy followed after a month with radiotherapy.  My question is, does anyone know, should I have received a pathology report or does that come later? I noticed a few people mention them on these boards. Thanks for listening and hugs to everyone in this boat.

Hi and welcome to our group. Sorry that you have found yourself here, but you will get lots of support from all the lovely ladies on here.

You will get a report after surgery. Its not until they remove it, that they know exactly what size, grade, type etc it is.

Best wishes and hope the surgery goes well. 

When the time comes, join the threads on Going through Treatment and you will be able to chat to ladies going through the same as you 

Sue xx



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get loads of help and support.


I was also told mine was very small, caught early and treatable, thank god for routine mammograms :).  I had surgery in Oct last year, 5 weeks of rads which I completed in Jan of this year. and am on Tamoxifen for 5 years.  Life has gone back to normal, although it is a new “normal” because of what I have been through, but I am doing everything I did before the diagnosis again, and especially my bowling which is very important to me.


I had my report when I went for my results after surgery as they need to send the lump and lymph nodes off to be tested to check that they got clear margins with no lymph node involvement which is the only way that they can tell that.


Have they told you if you are hormone receptor positive or progesterone?


We are all here for you whenever you need us and ask away on anything you might want more information on as there will no doubt be a lady/ladies on here who will be able to answer it.


Sending you a hug



Helena xxx



Hello LadyM,

Welcome to the club anyway & yes, as you have been told, this is totally treatable & outcomes are excellent. It is always such a shock to get diagnosed though. 

As Sue says, you normally get copies of all correspondence to the GP which details diagnosis & treatment. The path reports can be requested, but I didn’t bother as I was happy with the info I had. 

Your diagnosis sounds similar to mine, picked up by screening, 7mm grade 2 invasive ductal & er+ (oestrogen positive), was treated last year & was back to normal after a few months. 

I now feel very grateful I went for that mammo as I nearly didn’t. 

Do come & chat whenever you need to. 

ann x

Hi LadyMondegreen, our stories are similar except I found a lump, was initially told it looked benign then on the biopsy it was found to be a grade 3, my surgery Is  booked for 25 July, followed by radiotherapy.  I agree the diagnosis just sweeps the carpet right from under your feet, very scary.  At my biopsy results  appointment I was told I could get copies of all reports sent to my dr etc if I wanted them, they were my property, I declined then but am now thinking I will need to see them once my lumpectomy is out of the way.  All the best. 

I think it can dependent on a number of factors , including the size of the lump, your age and if any lymphnodes involved .They look at your percentage gain from chemo taking all the factors into consideration .I know a couple of ladies with grade 3 who didn’t have chemo -think they were given the choice as they were in the “grey area” where it may only have a small percentage gain for them.

My op not til 8th August but had mammogram scan and core biopsy already so know it is 35mm grade 2 lump there does not seem to be any hard and fast rules with diagnosis etc x hormone positive so have op then rads then tablets but don’t know which ones yet but was told would know more after lumpectomy. I have pre op on 24tj July so hope to sort of know more then xxx welcome and big hugs to you xx

Don’t blame you !!Very difficult for those in the “grey area” where it may or may not beneficial .Hard decisions .