Newly Diagnosed 28th October

Hi, I was diagnosed with BC yesterday and, as you all know, am on that roller-coaster of emotions.Having read some of the posts am thinking that I don’t really know that much about my type or grade of lump just that it is 11mm. I did however agree with someone that said they felt calmer after it was confirmed and an action plan agreed, I luckily only had to wait for 2 days to get my results but that was the worst 2 days I have ever experienced.I am also lucky that at the age of 39 I do have 5 children who are very loving and supportive, my younger ones(6 and 4yrs)dont really know whats going on but my older ones(22,21 and 19)have reacted in different ways.I am booked in for a lump and sentinal node removal, have been told that I will have radiotherapy but not sure about anything else.

Hi Karenmichelle,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good support from the many informed users of this site, who I am sure will be along shortly to start with that support.

I see that you say you have two younger children, here at BCC we have a publication aimed at children around this age, it’s a picture book with a story in simple language. To get a copy of this book I have put you the link below, there’s no charge as all BCC’s publications are free.

I’ve also put you the link to another of our publications for yourself which I hope you find helpful.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Karenmichelle,

So sorry you are joining the club, but you will find lots of information and help here. Any worries etc someone will be able to help you and no question is ever silly. It’s a wonderful forum.
All the best with your op, take care xx

Hi Karenmichelle.
I was diagnosed with bc on Oct 18th my lump is 20x15mm & that is all i know about it at the moment,went for my pre op on thurs as i am due to have surgery on mon 7th Nov.The waiting of the unknown is horrible i could be just sitting eating my lunch & it suddenly just hits me & i get tearfull.I have found this website fantastic for information & started looking at it as soon as i was diagnosed trying to prepare myself for what may lie ahead.
All the best.XX


sorry you have to join this club but you will find wonderful support, information and lots of lovely kind ladies who understand how you feel.

Best wishes M

Hi as Applestreet said definitely use this forum it really helped me in the early days when I was in what I can only call a blackhole. You go along for the screening not really thinking anything will become of it and BANG! your life changes, boy how it changes.

If you use the forum you will learn how to ‘cope’ with the change and move forward, I was diagnosed 22nd Sept cryed all the time I was an emotional wreck no two ways about it! But here I am 30th October, Op done (lumpectomy and node removal)rads to come I believe won’t know for sure until results on 10th Nov, and ok it’s not brilliant far from it but I feel more like me again. The early days are the worst you just have no control over your emotions don’t worry about it just take small steps, trust me it does get better.
Good Luck and let us know how you get on x

diagnosed too, on the 25th October, due for a mx on the 10th Nov.
i am on the rollercoster with you, hope all is wellX

hi, sorry you had to join us on here, you’ll find these forums a great place to get answers, if you have a query someone will be able to answer it for you or give you some advise
to begin with i just used to read the posts but now i quite often post on certain pages
Mummys Lump is definately a good book to read with your younger two, i had explained things simply to my 6 year old, the book was probably a little bit young for her, but she still enjoyed the story and makes things easier to explain

All the best


Hi Karenmichelle, I was diagnosed at the end of Sept. I had three weeks of constant crying(when my kids were not about). If it wasn’t for the support of friends and family I would have driven myself crazy. My lump measured 9mm when it was removed two weeks ago, I got my results last Thursday and I have grade 2, not in my nodes and was put on tamoxifen last week and will start radiotherpy in a few weeks. Good luck to you, xxx

Hi all, thanks for all your comments, I have now had my lumpectomy and was told that my node was negative, feeling a bit more positive but got to go back 30 Nov to see if going to have chemo or just rads, thoughts and prayers go out to you all, Karenxx