Newly diagnosed and dont understand anything

Hi all, I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, and everything that I’ve managed to take in I dont understand, I hoping someone can help. What I’ve managed to take in so far is:
Stage 3 aprox 4in
Grade 2
i know what I’ve said might not make much sence but its all I’ve managed to take in at the moment


Hi Lovingmybump - so sorry to see you having to post here but you will get plenty of support and advice. BCC also has a live helpline and you can speak to someone if you feel you need more advice. It does all get a bit confusing. I think Stage 3 means that there has been some spread from the actual tumour to lymph nodes, and grade 2 is a ‘moderately’ growing tumour. The important thing is that you have been diagnosed now and you will get a treatment plan. At the beginning it is very scary and difficult but I promise you it does get better. You will cope with it all and come out the other end. I found that reading and posting here was a real godsend for me.

Hi lovingmybump,
Please feel free to ask away about anything ,there is no such thing as a daft question here.We were all like you once!
Its a steep learning curve.

Hello there!

I am new to this site too (joined a few weeks ago). I can tell you that on here you will find a sense of what is going on, peace, love, and most importantly UNDERSTANDING. I know that none of us ever wanted to be a memeber of this club, but I am learning that there are some really spectacular people here and I would have probably missed them otherwise. So, welcome to the club and know that you are not alone and that the only bad/wrong question is the un-asked one.

Big Hug