Newly diagnosed and struggling

Hello Ladies

This is the forum I hoped I’d never have to join. I was diagnosed with inflammatory bc, ER positive in 2014. Chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy and delayed reconstruction. I had lymph node involvement so knew I was at higher risk of it returning. 7 years on it is now back in my bones and I’m struggling to accept it can’t be cured. I have my treatment plan, radiotherapy starting soon followed by oral chemo and bone strengthening injections. Very overwhelmed and would be grateful for any advice on coping during these early days following diagnosis. I’d love to hear some positive stories to balance the worry I’m feeling right now. Thank you for listening.x

Hi Angel2001

Just to let you know i understand completely how you are feeling right now. I was diagnosed with secondaries in the middle of treatment for primary and the shock was unbearable, meanwhile trying to stay normal for the sake of the kids. My secondaries are in the bone too , and I want to tell you that 6 months on and a good scan in January showing healing in the bone and no further spread has left me feeling a lot stronger and more positive for the future. I’m on palbociclib, letrozole and denosumab bone injections and I’ve very little side effects. Please stay positive, it does get easier when you settle in to a treatment plan . Take care

Jools xx