Newly diagnosed/ anyone near sutton/croydon Surrey

I have just been diagnosed with grade 3 invasive bc , op monday for lumpectomy poss node removal, anyone near Sutton/croydon whos looking for a virtual friend chat to and help each other/support please get in touch, x

Hi lottie63 just wanted to say hi I’m in Brighton but get treated at the Marsden I’ve got sec cancer to lungs nodes happy to chat if u want to big hug Laura xx

I have sent you a pm

Hi Lottie,
I Had a Mastectomy on 22nd of feb and node clearance
I also live in Croydon I Would be happy to chat with you

Hi Lotti
I live in chessington. I was diagnosed in early november, had my op (WLE with reduction to good side and lymph node removed) late november, more surgery in january ( more nodes) and I am now having Chemo at the Marsden. id be happy to chat and give you virtual hugs .

Gill xx

Hi had my first ever mammogram feb 17th 1 week later recalled to St Georges, had more mammos and ultrasound and biopsy taken on 1st March results 8th March - told 2 cancers inn left breast and had to wait for referral to Marsden, Cried for two solid weeks am so scared. Told yesterday stage 1 and 2 , going for surgery 11th April for WLE then 3 week radiotherapy, its all a blur been told its hormone receptive too, so maybe tamoxifen. I live in sutton. Ive never been so scared, and feel bad for crying all the time. Have loads of support but still feel alone. Would love to chat to anyone.J xxx

Hi butterfly
so sorry to hear of your dx, its such a shock its totally natural for you to cry hun, I spent the first 2 weeks after my dx ok 1 min in pieces the next we have all been there, you do seem to come to a stage where the crying subsides well I did x I am beng treated at Royal marsden, you are in the best hands they are great, I start chemo on tuesday 27th dreading ti but it has to be done … Got wig fitting monday as prob loose my hair, oh deep joy, I have grade 3 ILC with node involvment so chemo is necessary had WLE and node removal on 27th Feb healing nicely now, Keep posting and let us know how your doing, PM me if you want to, Im in Carshalton beeches by the way

Best wishes Janice xx

Hi butterfly52

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you may find helpful. Also, the helpline team are here to support you if you need a good listening ear. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000

BC and you:

Resource pack:

I hope these help. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Lottie,
have come across your posts on other threads, didnt realise you live so near. I’m in Redhill at the mo, had treatment at East Surrey and St Lukes Guildford.
Im moving to Chipstead hopefully in next 2 -3 weeks (when solicitors pull their fingers out) so will be even nearer to you , could maybe meet up for a real coffee one day x