Newly diagnosed & fed up

I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. Whopping 9.5cm tumour. Just came from nowhere. A little lump has now invaded my breast. No family history. There’s lymph node spread.
Started FEC-T chemotherapy last Thursday. This is to shrink the tumour, clear up any stray cancer cells then I’m for a mastectomy and radiotherapy.
When I came home from chemo, a lot of vomiting. Friday saw severe muscle pain. Saturday & Sunday body & brain not in sync. Bored stiff! Monday I couldn’t get out of bed. Aches & pains galore. Let’s just say today all I’m left with is headache & neuropathy. So the week is picking up! Trouble is, I’m so bored. Next chemo is in two weeks.
I’m 32 and usually very active. Not allowed into work as work in healthcare and patients are an infection risk. How does everyone spend their time? I have 5 more sessions of chemo so I really need some tips on how to enjoy myself or at least occupy myself until my surgery in December. I’m allowed to go into work after my 2nd chemo cycle as long as there’s no patient contact. Bit tricky.
Thanks in advance. X

Hi Pen Pop ,sorry to welcome you to this club,you sound like you are having a pretty difficult time. it’s a blooming long process beating this thing whatever your treatment plan.I am lucky enough not to have to have chemo , had surgery a month ago and waiting for radiotherapy, there is a lot of support and advice available on this forum, if you go on the going through treatment section and look under chemo therapy there are ladies going through the same thing giving each other advice and support.Jill.

Hey penpop
Massive hug, it’s a wretched road, and because of the chemotherapy to begin with must be even worse for you
do you have support at home?
Maybe you could get some more help from the ladies on the chemotherapy threads or join the group on surgery, living alone, we are a tiny bit mad but very supportive x
the only thing I can reassure you of is that the surgery is probably the most straight forward part
sheena xxx

Thanks ladies. I have my husband but he needs to work since I am now not at work. My family are far away but my mum has been around a fair bit. Majority of friends have had a baby boom so can’t really hang out with them.
I can spend some of my time messaging on here. Thank you for the tips and taking the time to respond. X

Hiya pen pop, if you haven’t already, might help to go on July 2015 in chemo monthly treatments. Get cracking help from people going through it at same time.

Re sickness drugs, if not on it yet would ask for emend. So far its worked well for me, just finished final FEC, and that plus steroids have worked well. Take care, its a flipping long road, but have found for me just deal with each cycle as you go x

Hi PenPop, Sorry to hear you are feeling so fed-up, on the positive side you have started treatment and so are on your way to getting rid of all the nasty disease. I start chemo on Thurs and also work in healthcare so cant go back to work until chemo finished. I work as lead receptionist in a busy gp surgery so hard to avoid contact with patients. I have had two ops already and now starting chemo and then radiotherpay to follow. I had no family history and none of the risk factors, I was diagnosed when I went for a routine Mammogram. I was invited early as part of a pilot scheme, I was 48 when diagnosed back in May. It does seem like a long haul and I am eager to get on with chemo although I know i will feel rubbish for a while. I too am quite a busy person, never idle always doing something and really enjoyed my busy work environment. I havent found it too difficult so far but I must admit the thought of these endless weeks ahead does fill me with trepidation. Luckily I have a dog to walk, family close by and two daughters who will be around some of the summer hols. I have loads of jobs around the house that I could do but so far have seemed to avoid them!! I have thought about doing some home learning via the computer, maybe take up my French language again or do an Open Uni Course. I plan to try and stay as mobile as poss and will go out on my bike when I feel up to it. Being outside in the countryside makes me feel so much better. Any tips on coping with side effects of chemo would be much appreciated. Take care and hope the rest of your treatment goes to plan. Best wishes. Sandra