Newly diagnosed... liver mets, so scared

Hi all, not used this site yet but I’m lying in hospital bed after painful liver biopsy (ouch)
Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had chemo, had mastectomy, had radiotherapy and herceptin and my CT scan has picked up secondaries , 3 areas… one as big as 3n half cm… just had brain scan so not sure about that yet…
Saw some of the positive stories on here… really need it… in tears all the time … my kids are 6 and 9 years old, I’m 41.
So scared :frowning: xxxx

Louisey, You have a right to be scared! We all were! I think those with young kids are even more scared. You will feel better when you have all your ducks in a row. When I was diagnosed with secondarily 12 years ago, I remember searching for “peeps” with longevity.I wanted to read the positive stories! No one can guarantee you time, bc everyone’s situation is different. I can try to give you hope and the get back in the saddle approach. Yes, you read right before in my post.I’m at 12 years with this and have lung mets. One bone now. The most important thing is to get back on the horse, enjoy your babies, and smile as much as you can. Live whatever time you have! Don’t waste it on this cancer! Big hugs! FF

Thanks FF, I’m obsessed looking for positive stories… lovely to hear from you… 12 years! You are right… no one knows how each of our bodies will respond to the treatments available… scary, but we have to live our lives and not be ruled by cancer…,
Thank you xxx


Hello and welcome to the forum …so sorry to hear of your secondary dx so soon after primary too. .somehow we all expect to take all the treatment and then be done with it all but life is so cruel.
Funny face and many others here will be an inspiration to you though …as you have had herceptin …you must be her2+ so there are a lot of options for you …I think kadcycla is the new kid on the block at the moment but until you have a treatment plan in place …you will feel in limbo.
Keep in touch …if you feel like ranting, raving to.let off steam …we understand.
Sending gentle hugs xxx

Hi Louise and welcome,

i hope you’re feeling physically better from your biopsy. Of course this secondary diagnosis has turned your world upside down. It wrenches your heart to think of not being there for your babies. My youngest was 8 when I got my secondary diagnosis (liver) ten years ago and now she’s a beautiful young woman away at uni. I’m HER positive and had a good response to herceptin. I’m now on Kadcyla which is herceptin and chemo combined, after  new spread to my peritoneum. My liver is cancer-free since surgery a few years ago (called a liver resection) to remove the diseased area. 

I hope you now have a treatment plan in place. It always feels such a huge relief once there’s a medical plan and you feel less on your own as the medical team are sharing some of the burden.

i wish you all the very best with your treatment. There’s a quite old thread called ‘anyone else with liver secondaries’ which you might like to look for. 

love Jx