Newly diagnosed lung secondaries

Hi All

I was diagnosed with secondaries in both lungs on Friday (2nd May), and am waiting for a bone scan. I am due to start FEC chemo within next 10 days.

I was initially diagnosed with bc in Oct 2003.

Just wanted to make contact with folk and welcome any comments or advice for the coming weeks. Not had chemo before just Zoladex and Tamoxifen


Hi JayelleBee and welcome to the forums,

I’m sure the other forum members will be along very shortly to offer support and share their experiences with you. You may also like to know about some of the other support services from Breast Cancer Care for secondary breast cancer. There is a telephone support group, the aim of the group is to give you the opportunity to talk privately and confidentially to other people around the UK with similar experiences. Discussions cover issues such as relationships, work, money, living with uncertainty, treatment, as well as everyday life, for more information click on the link:

There is also a secondary live chat, this Breast Cancer Care’s online chat facility where you can talk to others in real time, it’s from 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm on Tuesdays. It is facilitated by an expert moderator and a nurse who are on hand to point you to sources of help and information. But for most people, the chance to talk to others in a similar situation is what counts, again for more information click the link:

The following link will take you to Breast Cancer Care’s publications about secondary breast cancer, including one specifically about lung secondaries which you may find useful to read, there is also a DVD called ‘Living with secondary breast cancer’ which has been recently introduced, you can order these via this link or by contacting our helpline on 0808 800 6000:

I hope this is of some help

Best wishes

Hi Jayellebee

Sorry you have to join in but you will be made welcome by everyone on here - I have certainly found it really helpful to discuss things with ladies in a simialr situation.

I was dx with bone mets on 1st April (some April Fool’s Joke I should say!) and have been getting everything sorted for my treatment. I start 6 x FEC this Thursday, so will be going through it at a similar time to you. It’s worth reading the threads on the Chemo forum for some good tips if you haven’t done so already.

I was also initially diagnosed in 2003 and had Zoladex and tamoxifen so this is also my 1st lot of chemo.

All of this is very frightening to begin with but these forums have really helped me as there are ladies on here who have had secondaries for years and still get to lead a ‘normal’ life.

Although I can’t help with your type of secondaries I’m sure someone else can but also feel free to get in touch about anything else.

Good Luck with everything

Nicky x

Sorry to hear of your secondary diagnosis. It is a big shock isn’t it.
There are many different types of lung secondaries and they act in different ways.
I have a solid tumour centrally in my lungs but also have lymphangitis throughout all my lungs. These were diagnosed in sept 2006 and chemo always shrinks them but they return very quickly. I was diagnosed in April 05 and so my cancer is very aggressive… Hopefully, yours isn’t.
If you know what type of lung secondaries you have i’m sure we can give you our experiences of that type.
I had FEC initially. It made me very tired and not feeling right - especially bowel wise for the first 5 days and after that was mainly more tired than usual. It did make me feel quite sick so make sure you take the anti sickness tablets. Then of course there was the hair loss or are you goiing to try the cold cap. I also got terrible mood swings.
As nicky says - have a look at previous threads about FEC as everybody seems to act differently to it.
Hope the bone scan results come back OK
Keep in touch

I have mets in my liver and my lungs. My onc has not went into detail about what type of mets they are in my lungs other than they are tiny liasions - I’m think I’m scared to ask but will have to the next time. The Ct scan that came back showed that the chemo was working, however the lungs had stayed the same, the onc said they had not grown. That was after 3 taxotere so I’m just waiting and hoping that the next 3 will blast them!


Hi Diane, Nicky and Kate

Thanks for your messages. I have 3 tumours in the right lung and what looked like small flecks on the CT scan on both sides, I will ask if this is lymphangitis when I’m next at hospital.

As for the hair loss I have decided not to worry about the cold cap, everyone including me seems to accepted that the hair will soon be gone.

I have taken your advice and looked at the previous threads about FEC. Everyone seems to have such different reactions I think we’ve just got to be prepared for anything and hope I don’t get them all at once!

I am very lucky that my partner has now stopped work, as he will be 65 in July, and will be at home full time and can be with me. ( I am 39 and was originally diagnosed with bc at 35). Hopefully I will be able to return to work at some point once I know how I react to the chemo.

Thanks again for the messages its great to be in touch with others going through similar times.


Just to add my comments, I was diagnosed with Lung Secondaries 18 months ago. I had small lesions on my left lung but chemo seems to have controlled those, more problematic is the pleural effusion which hasn’t responded to chemo. It was drained 2 months ago and a talc pleurodsis done. Unfortunately my lung has not re expanded as hoped and I still feel breathless and unable to do my usual activities which I find hugely frustrating. I have another scan next week to check what is going on. Best Wishes for your treatment

Thanks for making contact Kathryn, sorry to hear you are having problems with pleural effusion, hopefully next weeks scan will help find the right plan of action.

I am still waiting for the date to start chemo, I used to be really patient but now want everything to happen yesterday. Must remember that chemo was only confirmed on Friday and we’ve had a bank holiday thrown in.

Let me know how your scan goes.


Hi JayelleBee

Just wanted to add how sorry I am to hear that you have been dx with secondaries. Haven’t been on FEC so can’t comment on that, but just wanted to say Good Luck with your treatment. I have been visiting this site since been dx in Oct 07 and find it really helps.

Take care
Liz x

Now have date for chemo. Will have meeting with nurse on Mon 12th then first FEC on Fri 16th May.
Feel very nervous but hoping Monday’s appt will help with loads of info etc.

Thanks for all your support, everyone