Newly diagnosed, sore, agitated and undecided!

Hi all and it seems I have joined the BC club :slight_smile:

I went for a trial mammograme (im 47) 2 weeks ago, got recalled just over a week ago and had more mammogrammes on right breast the biopsys on both as they found areas in both breasts.

Last Wednedsay I got results of Invasive ductal cancer grade 3 on left breast but booked in for more biopsy on right breast as could be radial scaring but they want more biopsys to confirm.

I am very sore from the mamogrammes and biospys, and its all so quick one after another, yesterday I thought I knew what to expect as everytime I go in I get bad news or pain, so this time I knew what to expect, and then I was told I had to have a mammogramme biopsy on a big machine that takes lots of samples and leaves a metal tag in, I was horrified as feel curveballed and when they put my breast in the clamp I nearly cried with pain as they are just so sore I had to tell them to stop and I couldnt go on and went home feeling stupid and cross with myself as now delayed my surgeion appointment a further week. 

I know time is the esscense but its all making me sore and agitated, as all happening so quickly on top of telling people and trying to get my head round it myself and although I am a wimp in relation to pain, I am a strong person normally. 

They also want to do a theraputic mammoplasty which I thought sounded ok but now I feel I want them both off :( 

Thank you for letting me rant


Hello it’s not nice joining this club but at least the people are friendly. I’m going through similar. They found bc through routine screening and I had biopsies by ultrasound, returned 2 weeks later for results and they found 2 other areas in same breast. I had to have multiple biopsies whilst being mammogramned by the guiding machine. It was not pleasant. You just have to bear it and let them do their stuff. It’ll then be over. Leaves you a bit sore and bruised but nothing too hard to cope with. I have had to wait 3 weeks for my results from this and I go to the consultant tomorrow hopefully to get a plan of action and praying no more bad news.
Hope yours goes ok and try not to worry. xx
Ps I’m now carrying 3 titanium chips so I must be worth more.



Well welcome to this club that no one wants to join if they had the choice, but there are a lot of very lovely ladies on here who will be able to help and support you.


Never ever worry about coming on here and ranting, for a lot of us this is the one place that we can do this in comfort and with people who really get us.


The trouble is at this time in our journey there is so much going on as they work towards finalising your treatment plan. and at the same time we are trying to process the diagnosis for ourselves and famly/friends.  I had mammograms, ultrasound, biopsy and then because the first set of biopsies were inconclusive I had what is known as a mammotome biopsy, so can understand exactly how you feel, because even though they give you a local anaesthetic when that wears off it still aches.


Perhaps have a chat with your bcn and see what can be done to help you so that these other tests can be done for you.


Let us know how you get on. 


Helena xxx



Hi Hollis69

Really sorry to hear re the awful pain of  biopsy - I have always hated mammos due to the pain (“discomfort” is not the word I’d use!) but I can give you a GOOD TIP if you are going to go in again and have the one you didn’t have this week - the only way I survived the several mammos and 2 core biopsies I had last winter was to take 2 Paracetamol 2 hours before the anticipated time of the procedure (nothing with aspirin in though) so it takes the edge off and reduces the feelings to “discomfort”. I also did steady breathing to calm me (not easy when you you are clamped in a vice having what feels like a staple gun fired into you several times and you really want to shout “get me out of here!”) and visualised lying on a Greek beach. I imagine the thought of having it done again is worrying you, but the pre-painkiller really does work.

It takes time to process the news and this is one of the worst times but you may feel more in control of things when you know exactly what is going on and have a treatment plan. Don’t beat yourself up about not going through with it this time - I can really understand, believe me - and try to brave the biopsy again with good old paracetamol. Good luck.xxxx

Haha I was thinking of asking if I can keep the titanium chips as souvenirs when they’ve done the surgery. I did think it was a bit like my dogs getting chipped and wondered if I’m being tracked?

A titanium charm bracelet. Hmm could be valuable that ?

I was told they leave the marker in (or replace it with another ) to help identify area precisely if you are having Radiotherapy .I have titanium in my leg after breaking it too so I’m worth a fortune .Never set airport scanners off though-quite disappointing …?

Glad we made you laugh Hollie !!I wait with bated breath every time I go through the scanner ,but nothing … ?


That should be welcome to the forum ,not wel …

Tee hee Hollis69 that made me laugh. Bc terminators!