newly diagnosed TNBC grade 3

I was diagnosed on thursday 24.11.16 invasive ductal bc triple negative trying to be strong bot even cried but I know uts going to hit me big time ? xxx

Hi Cath

sorry to hear your news but welcome to the forum. There are lots of lovely ladies on here who can help to support you . We understand what a complete shock this diagnosis is and how frightening things can feel, particularly in the first few days and weeks before you get all your results in and your treatment plan in place. It does get better. My advise would be not to google stuff about TNBC as there’s lots of misleading gloom and doom out there which is inaccurate. Stick to reputable sites like this one or the  American equivalent or Macmillan.

do you have any details yet about when your treatment is going to start?

love and hugs

chris xx

Hi chris thanks for your reply yes im booked in for surgery 19th dec but will find out wed if oncologist wants me to have chemo first then surgery or vice versa I finally cried last night when on my own still feels surreal atm I’ve suffered chronic pain due to spinal stenosis and had to spine surgeries in past 4 yrs one if which was done 19 dec few yrs back another xmas recovering for ne xxx hope your ok hun are you in treatment or recovery xxx

Hi Cath funnily enough I’m booked in for a WLE on 19 th December too, but I’ve already had my chemo ( finished on thursda) so a bit further down the line.  Sounds like you’ve had a rough few years with your spinal problems as well - this must feel like the last thing you need. My emotions were all over the place in the early days too, I found it hard to cry but did become very withdrawn until I gave myself a very stern talking too ! 

Once you’ve seen your onc next week in sure you will feel better

take care

chris xx

Sorry you have had to join this forum we are here for you I am nearly 2years post chemo following RT mastectomy . So ask away and between us we will try and help like others have said don’t google a lot of stats are out of date . Take care to all just starting this journey it’s not great but it’s doable DEN

Yes I think once I’ve been hospital tomorrow will be more clear thanks for replying ladies xxx

ChrisAsh I. Also had surgery on my spine 5yrs ago on 19th dec must be a date meant for me eh ? xxx