Newly diagnosed with breast cancer at age 52

Diagnosed with breast cancer on Wednesday may 10th . Still reeling from the shock as gp only referred me to put my mind at rest . Gp had said that I had cystic breast disease problems made worse by being on single type hrt for a year . Tumour is about 23mm in size . Will be having a lumpectomy and other tests in a few weeks .  

Hi Lena1964, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and welcome to our freindly club that you’d rather not be in. Everyone is really supportive here so you’ve come to the right place. Yes, the initial news is quite a blow, like being hit by a truck and you can’t believe this could be happening to you. It’s so surreal. I’m 48 and was diagnosed at the end of March with stage 2 locally advanced invasive BC including local nodes so my treatment starts with 8 rounds of chemo followed by a mastectomy. I had my first chemo and it was much easier than I expected. Just take take one step at a time. I found it really hard telling family as I knew the impact it would have on everyone around me but once everyone has absorbed the shock they are really supportive and want to help, so let everyone rally around and do what they need as this helps to keep your support circle strong and positive for you.  The first two weeks, for me, were filled with anxiety to the point that I made myself ill with chest pains, headaches and sleepless nights. I found focussing on nutrition to get myself nice and healthy ready for treatment was a good distraction and coming on here has been an enormous help. It will get easier but it’s still very early days for you to accept what is happening to you.  Take care. X

Hi Lena,
Just to endorse what Mai has said. The early days of diagnosis are difficult, but it does get better once the shock subsides & your treatment plan is in place.
There are many of us here at the stage you’re at, as well as those of us out the other side, so do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
As we say generally, in these early days, do use this site or macmillan for info, rather than general googling as this can only make anxiety worse. Your team will give you all the info you need.
ann x

Hi Lena, yes it is quite a surreal world you’ve entered! I’m assuming as you’re having a lumpectomy and not mastectomy it’s a ductal carcinoma? The good news(!) is that that’s a bog standard BC with an extremely high success rate. ? I’m the same as you, and my tumour was 23mm. I’m into chemo now, and when I think back over the last few months it has been quite a journey. I’m not going to say don’t worry, because that’s ridiculous, but I would say that nothing was as my mind envisaged. Fear exaggerated everything for me, and I kept busy. I was able to keep my holiday plans, I started a diary, and I looked a nutrition very carefully in order to help my body help itself and to minimise effects of chemo which I knew I had to have. When you get your head around it all, come back on here with your questions and we’ll help all we can. Remember, it’s a marathon and not a race, so one step at a time, Lena,to make it more manageable. Sending strength and positivity. X

Thank you for your reassurance … Back to see the consultant tomorrow to get a date for surgery. I’m sure having a surgery date will he’ll to putthingsinto perspective .