Newly diagnosed with DCIS

Newly diagnosed with DCIS

Newly diagnosed with DCIS Hi, I am new to all this! I was diagnosed with DCIS 3 weeks ago, have seen the surgeon, who recommends a mastectomy and reconstruction (Tram flap) -at- the same time!! The question is, when the OP will happen, as I am -at- the early stages of bc. I won’t need any chemo or radio., so thats a good thing, but how do I carry on from here, if my OP is not for weeks and weeks???

Hi Scorpion Welcome to the site…i too was diagnosed with dcis nearly 2 months ago now…had no idea when my mastectomy and diep recon would be…after waiting 3 weeks i got a date…its come round really quickly…next thursday is d day.
The waiting is the worst part…but i felt so much better once i had a date to aim for and knew my cancer was contained still.
I dont know how far away yours is …i have heard of ladies waiting 3 months…
Ive spent the time sorting out the families life etc for next 2 months as wont be much of a mummy to my little ones for a bit…
my plastic surgeon had a full diary but must have juggled things as i wasnt expecting a date til july/aug…
Really hope you find out your date soon…just knowing really helps…my op requires 2 plastic surgeons and a general surgeon…so i think its the getting them all available at once to operate which takes the time…
Hope my ramble helps…
Anna xx

scorpion and annafizz hi
i have been waiting since january for either masectomy or wle to achieve clear margins with radoitherapy and know how bad you must be feeling you do stop pacing the floor eventually and everything calms down.
i have found it is then you start to take in things. i have LCIS and grade 1 stage 1 tubular ductal cancer with no lymph involvement and still do not know which root i am going to take but have been told i can pospone until august!! at the beginning i would of been hysterical at the mere thought of this but as the weeks have gone on it doesnt seem as scary.
i have 2 different consultants who have advised the different options and in this time i have researched alot about my cancer. do you know what cancer you have?

hi annafizz i have just read your profile and realise i have asked silly question about your diagnosis. i am so sorry and realise you have been through so much.
hope all goes well with your op and will be thinking of you.
if its any consolation i think the breast cancer has taken my brain away as in my last replys in early diagnosis it appears as if i keep replying to myself!! no hope really!

Good luck and take care xx

My Brain gone too Hi Heyho
My brain addled at times too…thanks so much for your good wishes…
Im currently trying to get rid of a stinking cold before thursday…been perfectly well for 7weeks…typical…
Good luck with your op when it eventually comes round!!!
Anna xx

Hi, annafizz & heyho Thank you both for your letters. All this waiting around is so hard!! My plastic surg. wants to wait until August, but my consultant will try and bring the OP forward. I just think and dream about bc all the time. My mother & sister have also got bc.I had to give up work & am now busy cleaning everything I can find ( house,car,garden etc.)just to take my mind of things, but it’s not working very well.My poor husband is in the fireing line a lot -at- the moment and is trying to be very patient with me! I am not scared of the OP, I have had some before, my bag is packed,all I want, is a date!!! I hope, you are both keeping sane, as far as that is possible at the moment. Speak to you again soon.

hi scorpion thanks for your reply and my hubby is taking the brunt end of it too but god love him he is so patient. and like yourself i will cope with whatever treatment i just wish we could get on with it!
I go back to see my original consultant tomo to talk over options again i feel really low at the mo because i almost feel disapointed in myself for not being able to make a decision when i know there are lots of you out there that had no option. i just dont feel very secure with the statement that i will only ever grow a grade 1 cancer in the future. my natural mother (sister) passed away with a 10 month diagnosis of breast cancer and it was so difficult. maybe it would be better if i had dreaded a masectomy but maybe some answers tomo.
sorry if i am winging just feel really low and insane at mo not really me. but hey ho onwards and upwards! hope you are having a sane moment and not feeling too bad.
take care speak soon x x x

P.S. Didnt reply earlier as i was trying to sound positive but just didnt seem to happen.