Newly Diagnosed

Hi everyone I have just been diagnosed with BC and would like to get in touch with any other men out thre who are in the same boat with a veiw to set up an informal help group

Hi Johnny, sorry to hear your news, welcome to the forum there is a link down the left hand side of your page saying “Men diagnosed with breast cancer” this will put you in touch with the other males although of course you are welcome to join us on this site, How are you feeling? Quite a shocker isn´t it, life knows how to kick you straight between the legs at times, yep even females feel this one! Anyway, don´t not visit us, keep in touch, what treatment do they have planned, let me know,
Take care love Teresa xxx

DUH… Sorry Johnny, Just realised, you went to the correct forum for men, would like to blame it on drugs but haven´t started them yet!
Love Teresa x

Hello Johnnie
I hope you soon get responses from men in the same boat as you, but welcome to the forums and remember where we are if you’d like to discuss anything we might be able to help you with.
best wishes
monica x

Hi Johnny

Stay on touch with this thread, it will help you. Ask anything you want

Hi Johnnie, I don’t know what hospital you attend but the Breast Care Nurse should be able to put you in touch with male patients in your area who have a similar problem. I go to the Western General in Edinburgh and I have seen male patients there so you are not alone. You could also try the Maggie Centre in Edinburgh. If you phone Andrew, he is a senior nurse in the centre, he could possibly help you to speak to someone too. You may get replies from this forum but thought you may like to explore these other areas too. If I can help in any way just ask. I am sorry you have been given this news. I have been having treatment for 20 years now and I still go the the WGH. Take care, from Val

Thank you everyone its great to feel that you are not alone.I go back to find out what happens next on tuesday to Queen Margarets in Dunfermline.

Johnny, lots on here to give help and advice I’m sure it doesnt matter if you are male or female we all have the side effects from treatment and surgery. in fact i got advice from a colleagues husband who had breast cancer 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed last March.
Keep coming on here i have found the support so much help, you are certainly not alone!
love Debs xxxx

Hi Johnny

Here’s the link to our ‘Men with breast cancer’ publication which you may find helpful to read:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/79/

Please also call our confidential helpline for further support and information from our team of specialist nurses and trained helpliners on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 9-2.

Best wishes

Hello Johnny

You will get lots of support on here especially about treatment. There are lots of us who’s breast cancer (BC) is not hormone related, which i assume is the type men have.
Take Care

Rhian x

Hi I had my mastectomy on wednesday afternoon and it went so well that i was back home on thursday morning at 11.30 as I did not need a drain, yippee.Feel ok around the wound but my stomach is giving me hell it must be punishing me for fasting.Back next week for results of lymph nodes they just took 4 to test so fingers and toes crossed.

Hi Johnny

This forum is brilliant for getting support. Everyone will do their best to give you personal experiences and advice you may need.

Hope your feeling okay!

Take care

Krissy xx

Hi Jonny - I am David - I was diagnosed in 2003 as grade 3 very aggresive - with my op in 2004 - full mastectomy - chemo and raidtherepies - I only took tamoxifen for 2 years been drug free since 2006 - still here and well.
I used this site years ago along with a few good men - we had many battles with the ladies I remember at the time - check the archives for some interesting views.
I dont use this anymore but I visit now and again to see what is going on - if you need a chat - I am always available - I did the peer support training but hardly used - I am sure the people can find my details for you.
Good luck with your journey.


Hi thanks david its good to know that there are people out there.I saw the Surgeon yesterday and found out that just a few cancer cells had reached my sentinal node only.He gave me the choice of further surgery to remove all of the nodes or a month of radiotherapy so I opted for the later which means that my treatment will be over in 6-8 weeks and then it is just getting on with living again which I intend to do with renewed vigour and try to enjoy life as much as is possible.Thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread my thoughts and good wishes to you all.

Had a bad day today started coughing green pleghm and blood got to go for chest x ray in the morning.very very scared and not feeling great about tomorow.Hope its just an infection.

Hi Johnny
hope it goes well tomorrow
let us know
monica x

Yippee false alarm ,It seems that I have been getting a bad reaction to a drug Lipitor that I take for high choleterol ,it gave me a fright but i have had an chst xray [clear} and stopped the pills feeling miles better.Just got to get through a mopnths radiotherapy and all being well thats it .The radiography consultant was talking about it being a currative treatment fingers crossed.

thats fantastic news, Johnnie, you must be over the moon
go celebrate!
monica x

Many thanks Monica just opening a bottle of red as I think that the sun is now over the yardarm XXX

really pleased for you jonny,take care dawn xxx