Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, Was diagnosed recently and have had a mastectomy and lymph nodes level one and two removed. Recovered very quickly from op so far. Now facing chemo and rads
Terrified I wont get better and that cancer will develop again Any help??

hi, welcome to the forum. You are at a different stage to me, but I am sure there will be people more in situation along soon. I know they are going to ask what sort of cancer you have. and exactly what treatment you are having.

It is a very frightening time, and those having similar treatment will be able to reassure you and share their stories.

you have done the right thing coming on here. You will also find the helpline very good. 08088006000 normal office hours they are trained nurses who can talk you through things.

Treatment nowadays is excellant. There is a whole team behind you now to make sure that you do get better and to do everything they can to prevent it developing again

Hi Nora and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here, as OAL has suggested please feel free to call our helpline for more information and support.

I am posting to the BCC publication specifically designed for those newly diagnosed which you may find useful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/

Take care

Hi Nora, hello and welcome, you will find all the support you will need from these lovely ladies on here.

Big hugs. xxx

Hi Nora, sorry you have to join us here but as the others have said you can get lots of support from the helpline, publications and reading/posting on here. Have you met your oncologist yet and got a treatment plan for chemo, or a start date? I had mx and node clearance in March, and now have 2 more chemo sessions to go, followed by rads, and if it’s any help, I found the waiting bits (for results or for treatment to start) much worse than anything else. The thought of chemo was scarey but like people say it is ‘do-able’ and the staff are brilliant and keep a close eye on how you are getting on.
You might find joining one of the threads like ‘Starting chemo in August’ (or Sept) really helpful as you’ll be with others at the same stage as you - I think lots of us have found it a real lifeline, where you can talk about worries, have a moan or even a laugh with those who know exactly what you’re going through.
Thinking of you and a big cyber hug.

Hi Nora - Im having chemo first before MX , and i have managed 4 so far , u will be fine . Its normal to have bleak thoughts at times but the further along we get these times get fewer .

Keep posting and talking .

Lorna :slight_smile: