Newly diagnosed

Hi I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer i have had 2 biopsys and get the results on 13th oct
i cant sleep and all i want to do is eat rubbish food !!
Has anyone else felt like this ? I am going back to work this week needed last week to get my head round what was happening but i still havent feel very scared at the moment

Hi perita

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I am sure some of the other users will be a long shortly to support you.

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis, the first few days and weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with things and getting to grips with your treatment plans, etc.

I’ve given here the link to our Resource Pack for those people newly diagnosed. The pack is essential for anyone with a primary diagnosis of breast cancer. Filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. … tionId/82/

Also, do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday.

Besit wisehs Sam, BCC facilitator

Hi Perita,

Sorry you are here, but nice to meet you. This is a tough time for you. I am glad that you won’t have to wait too long for your results. Waiting around is the worst thing for me!

Just remember to be patient with yourself and cut yourself some slack.

I was diagnosed in August and am about to start what should be the final leg of treatment. Once you can have a chat about options, treatments etc I think it all becomes easier!

There are lots of lovely people here, very knowledgable and full of good advice. Ask the ‘silly’ questions because there are no silly questions. I have learned as much/more from talking to others here than from any other source!

Take care, hugs to you. xx

Hi perita,

I’m so sorry that you’ve found yourself here. Your’re at one of the worst stages n the process, which is the bit at the start when you’re in shock, and everything seems unreal and terrible. As everyone will tell you, as soon as you have a plan for your treatment you will at least feel as if things are a bt more in control and you can start thinking about your options.

There are lots of questions that you will want to ask and this forum is great for getting information and advice. It’s also a great place to get support, encouragement and comfort during the times when it all gets too much. But don’t be afraid to ask questions of your surgeon, oncologist and breast cancer nurse and the thing to cling onto is that the treatments are good and work for thousands of women.

It’s a long old haul for many of us but it’s doable, and you will find you have qualities that you didn’t know about. There are probably better ways to find out, but there you go…!

Best wishes,

Alison xx

So sorry you have had to join the wonderful people here on the Forums.
This is the hardest part…the Waiting Room. Once you get your results things will take off on a roller coaster which feels out of control but will bring you shaking back down to the ground and normality again.
You will find it helpful to contact the Helpline for the BCC publications . Many can be down loaded or sent to you. 0808 8006000 You might not be ready to read these yet but others around you might find them helpful.

If you have a worry voice it on the Helpline or here on the Forums. Everybody is so aware of how you are feeling. They have been there. BCC also has Peer Support available to you or your partner if you have one. Many find that useful when they know their treatment plan.

The surgery if you need it really is not too uncomfortable . I only needed Paracetamol the next day.
My thoughts are with you. Let us know when you are having treatment
Big Hug if you want one

Hi To all who have answered me

Thankyou so much for all your good wishes and kind words I am feeling a little more posotive today after reading your comments you really do think you are the only one going through this
Think once thurs is here i will probably feel more in control
I have 2 grown up daughters who are very supportive and also i have a partner who works away from home but can get back when needed
The thing is that i lost my husband to bowel cancer 4 yrs ago so that is still very fresh in our minds

Thankyou once again for you help and advice and i will keep all posted how my progress goes xx perita

Hi perita welcome to the forum although like the rest of us I am sure you would prefer not to be on here.

I found the first part mammogram, second screening, biopsy, diagnosis and consultant appointment a bit of a whirlwind and then I had to wait almost 4 weeks for my op during which time everything came to a standstill, but I am 1 week post operative now following a lumpectomy (WLE) and had a full axillary clearance but I am doing well now.

It is a scary time but I have found the support on here amazing even if you only read the posts. So any questions fire away and someone will be able to give you some advice. You can pass the time a bit on chit chat on some of the games on the go and there is also a craft post if you are into any crafts to help occupy you too.

Jean x

Hi Perita

Welcome to the club no-one really wants to join. As everyone else says this is a fantastic place for support, info or ranting, whatever you feel really!! The ladies are all lovely and can answer most questions.

Where you are now is the Waiting Room which is really pants but once you get your results things will get moving. I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago and have surgery on thurs. This site keeps me sane some days.

As G22 says it is all a bit of a whirlwind and then you have to wait for surgery but after that there is a treatment plan and you will feel more in control.

Big supportive hugs to you and keep posting M

Hi perita, i was diagnosed on the 8th October, and have to wait until the 19th for results of my biopsies. I will also be back to work this week. It’s a terrible place to be, waiting - not work- i feel permanently ill and i’m usually a calm person. Good luck to you on thurs, sounds like you have some good support already x

Hi Perita

So sorry youve had to join us. I remember too well the shock and utter disbelief at time of diagnosis. Waiting for results really is horrible but it will soon be here. This forum is full of lovely ladies who will help you along the way and there is a lot of useful info on here too. No question is silly. Dont google lots of scary out of date stuff on there.

Once you have a treatment plan all will get easier to get your head around it all. Be good to yourself and try not to let your mind take you to crazy places.

Clare x

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Hi herbidacious
Thanks for your reply i have been back to work today and have to say i found it really hard to have a smile on my face as i dont want people to know till they have too
and yes i have lots of support as im sure you will good luck on your results keep us posted
just s thought was wondering if anyone is from the lincoln area

good whishes to you all xx

update had my results yesterday not good but feel releived that i know what is happenong now
its stage one eastrogene feed positive and hr2 negative i have to have ct scan and bone scan blood test and chest xray in next two weeks surgery booked for 9th nov for removal of lump and lymp nodes hopefully only been in for a day thenit will be 6 sessions of chemo then radio therpy so i have got a long few months ahead of me
i have lots of support and have told people at work today
Nut have to say i am feeling very positive hope that feeling continues x

Hi Perita

Its never nice hearing news like that but like you say at least you know more now and will soon have a plan of action. Glad you have got lots of support, you will get more on here and the ladies on here are a mind of information when you need to be reassured.

Be good to yourself

Clare x

Hope all has gone to plan.
Thinking of you

Hope everything is ok

best wishes M

Hi everyone

Well saw my consultant on 28th and my C T scan was claer such a releif i can tell you so it now lumpectomy and remove lymph nodes on the 9th nov then after 4 weeks i will be handed over to the oncologist you are all so right that its just like being on a roller coaster Just a bit worried about my partner he is very worried about me and wants to wrap me in cotton wool but hope i have made him understand more about it all this weekend he works away and only gets home every 2 weeks but has been and will be with me at all my important appointments i got the booklet of here for him to read FOR PARTNERS WITH BREAST CANCER and he says its making a bit more clear or him now
thankyou all for your support its good to read on here and know your not alone

wish all well in our long jounery