Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone
I just found the site and this is my first post.
Today I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram last month then a biopsy last week. It’s come completely out of the blue as I
have no symproms and don’t have a tumour, just some “strands of cancer”. I’m waiting for an appointment for an MRI scan to determine the extent of spread and then will have to wait to see if I need a lumpectomy or mastectomy.
I have so many thoughts running around my head, not least how I will cope with the after effects of surgery when I live on my own.
I’ve been reading some of the posts on on the site and find it comforting that there is somewhere to go for support.

Hi Lynne
It sounds like they may suspect lobular cancer which seems to appear the way you describe and they will often choose an MRI to diagnose this and see its extent. Its a real shock isn´t it? I had a negative mammogram and 6 weeks later was diagnosed with lobular cancer, have now had mastectomy and lymph node clearance and awaiting the full treatment plan (I don´t live in UK).
Nothing I can say will ease this for you except that I, and many others on here, will recognise and resonate with the seismic shift you feel inside on hearing you have cancer, it takes some getting used to…and its not an easy ride at all…good news is that it sounds like they may have caught yours early…
Physcial surgery really was not that bad at all, I was only in hopsital for 30 hours and really could do pretty much everything immediately…so I don´t think living on your own and coping will be awful although they may decide to keep you in hospital an extra day or two.
Really I just wanted to respond to you, don´t feel like I have helped at all, but you are not alone…be kind to yourself

Hi Lynne Whilst I was diagnosed with a different type of cancer to yours, having two small tumours, it is none the less devastating news, having had no symptoms, and found as yours, with routine mammo and then a scan and biopsies. I was given two options of wide excision, but may have to have further surgery if all not removed, or mastectomy which would remove all, and would mean no radiotherapy after. I had so many appts that I couldn’t think straight, and took a few days away to clear my head and make a decision. I went for mastectomy, as I have a heart condition and wanted to limit the amount of surgery. I was only in overnight, and sent home with drain in for another week. This was a bit of a nuisance and pulled on several occasions causing tears. My op was done 1st Feb, and have had a complication free post op recovery. It took me a month to look at the empty space, and then begin to massage scar with E45 cream as physios recommend, to remove lumpiness, and am glad to say it has worked. I had no stitches so that was a bonus, and the whole thing was sore for a few weeks, there was also numbness of the whole area for a while, this has now dispersed. Bruising was very little, and the most problematic thing to me was dealing with emotions post op. Grief for the loss of a visible part of me, relief that no treatment would be necessary except a daily tablet to reduce the oestrogen levels which were responsible for the cancer, that I take daily for 5 years, and anti climax at suddenly not having any appts to attend any more except prosthesis fitting and 6 monthly check up. The breast care nurses are always available by phone for problems and worth their weight in gold. As regards living alone and dealing with all this, do you have a relative or good friend to support you and go to appts with? or maybe a member of your local support group would be willing to be involved.
Do hope all goes as well as can do for you, love and a big hug, and hope this is helpful. Lizanne