Newly diagnosed

Hi all,

This has all been a bit of a whirlwind really and my feet havent touched the ground runing yet. I had a routine 3 yearly mammogram on 19 August 2013. 28th August I had a biopsy, results that I had cancer on the 30th August and lumpectomy 17th September. My cancer is a low grade tubular cancer with three weeks radiotherapy in October/November.

I have hundreds of leaflets I have read and re-read but still have hundreds of questions to ask. I hope I might get some answers and also hope to be able to syupport others during these difficult times.



I’m afraid I don’t know anything about tubular cancer, but I’m very glad for you that it was low grade and that you only need rads. Did they say whether it was hormone sensitive? I had ductal invasive, strongly oestrogen and progesrogen positive. I had mx, followed by chemo and now I’m on a hormone tablet. 


Feel free to ask any questions on here as there are loads of very knowledgeable ladies who could perhaps answer them for you.


Take care


poemsgalore xx