Newly diagnosed

Hi just read your post, everything you’ve said so far matches myself, found a lump in my right breast, Ive had lump and lymph nodes removed (so kept the majority of my breast) ive to go back fri to get pathology results back, so fingers crossed Ive caught it early and it hasnt spread, you must be really frightened, I know i am, but its only natural, ive to have chemo and radiotherapy which havent started yet, im sure i’ll find all this out friday, I too have a fantastic partner and 2 amazing daughters, keep me posted and keep your chin up, we have to put our lives in the hands of the experts and hope to God they are going to cure us of this horrible disease

Hi Lucy…Very scary times ahead, got my operation on 19/08, feeling very in limbo at present, trying to be “normal” and, positive, very difficult, any tips  thank you