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I have just been diagnosed with bc last week. Have two lumps which were found when I went for mammogram having had some nipple discharge. Have been told a mastectomy is the way forward as mri showed some more lumps on the way. Have large F cup boobs so not looking forward to waking up with smaller one as not possible to reconstruct this size. Am hoping to have boob replaced with stomach fat - won’t know until I see specialist later this morning.

Haven’t slept properly for nearly two weeks now and am starting to get irritable and weepy, although I am generally a very cheerful, positive person. Feel as though someone else has taken over my body!! My hubby and children probably feel the same!!

Unfortunately, because I am a happy-go-lucky type, everyone seems to think I will still be feeling okay, and I am not. I feel as though this is all happening to someone else, not me. My head is very floaty and I feel disconnected to everything going on around me. We have been out with friends today and I had to leave and go home as I wanted to scream at them all to stop laughing. I feel terrible behaving this way.

Is this just me or does anyone else out there feel like this?


Hi Jules
Sorry you had to join us.
The way you are feeling is quiet normal. When i was first dx’d my mind was all over the place & everyone & everything else reminded me that my life at that moment in time was not normal, i didn’t laugh at the usual things & people moaning about small things used to drive me mad (well still does really). I felt it was like being on a roller coaster & i couldn’t get off!
I had a bilateral mastectomy & at 37 this has dented my confidence, but i have finished treatment & i saw the plastic surgeon last week to discuss recon, so i am hoping things are on the up.
you will find lots of support here
you take care
Louise xx

Hi to both Marylou & Jules

I have just been diagnosed with bc on Friday th 26th. I live in Spain and the language barrier has been a great problem for us. I am due to go into hospital at the end of November to have the lump removed and to have radiotherapy. My family that are here with me have been great but i try very hard to keep all the emotions in so as not to upset my 2 youngest children who ar 10 & 12.
Waiting a month to have the lump removed seems like a lifetime away but the Consultant tells me that the time scale is normal and the lump wont spread in tha time.
i want to be very positiv about this but some days if feel very alone and scared.

Good luck to you both

Lynne x x

hi jules
like a few ladies will tell you sorry you have had to join this club,
keep you chin up girl i had my opeation 4 weeks ago and had my left breast taken away.
like you i thought oh my god can i look at myself in this state one there and the other not.
i am not as big as you only a b cup but still a doubting journey.i am 57 with grown up children but they are still mortified that mum has got this it is every woman’s nightmare now a days.
i have been able to have a reconstruct and in the throws of being inflated but do what you think is right for you.
don’t be worried if you are weepy and bad tempered just ask hubby for them loving cuddles they work wonders when you are down.
if you feel like crying put a weepy film on the telly it gets you out of a number of (what’s up are you allright questions).
main thing is to talk to your breast nurses they are gems.
the best thing to think about is that you get rid of the cancer and get on with your life,
if you have any hobbies concentrate on those it might help.
my hobby is rock and roll and boy does it help going to the venue’s and seeing friends that understand your plight ,listening to live bands does take your mind off the situation a bit.
but again please keep your chin up jules.
we ae all here to help if we can
best wishes
x x x x

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for those comforting words. I have actually seen the consultant today and have been told I must wait another 4-6 weeks before I can have the op, as I am having the stomach fat removal and need to go on the waiting list for cosmetic surgery. Hopefully though they will do both at the same time so I can get it all over with in one go.

Its very reassuring to listen to your advice as it makes you realise you are not alone.

Thanks and good luck to all of us!!!