Newly Diagnosed

Sorry, but I’m looking for advice and reassurance !

I was diagnosed last Tues (23rd May) with a Grade 2 9mm Oestrogen fed  Breast lump.

im meeting with my Consultant on Wednesday and wondered if anyone could give me some questions I need to ask, I’m in quite a fog, and have avoided reading the horror stories on Google.

Also if anyone has any opinions on Vitamin D


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you 



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will find lots of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here who are going through or have been through what you have.


I would strongly recommend that you do not google generally, as you know it can be terrifying to read some of the stuff out there, which is out of date and misinformation.  There is a very good Information and Support section on here on the main page where you will find lots of publications that you can download as and when you want to.


These booklet might be worth reading and may help you with the sort of questions you might want to ask:


Let us know how you get on Wednesday, we are all here to help and support you.


Helena xxx

Hi Ginny, sorry you find yourself here, but you will find lots of help and support. The waiting and wondering can really play mind games, so keep yourself busy. Do not Google ! Use this site and McMillan. Ask as many questions as you need to to stay sane. If I can offer my experience it may give some reassurance . I’m 70, had a 23mm grade 3 stage 2 ductal tumour removed 12 weeks ago. It was a lumpectomy with total lymph node excision. I’m Er+, and HR-. Know what my lovely consultant said? It’s a bog standard cancer, and we’re going to remove the tumour, do chemo to mop up, do rads to stop it returning, put you on hormone treatment for five years , then monitor you for another five. I’m into my second round of chemo, and I’m managing. You will too. Whatever the outcome, BC is the most treatable of cancers. Your team want the best outcomes for you. I would also say to check with the medics re supplements. If you’re Er+ you may want to reduce foods with eostrogen in until your treatment is over. No good feeding the thing, is it? This site has a leaflet advising on foods. Good luck, and do let us know how you get on. X

Today I met with my Consultant, he was very optimistic about my treatment. 

My pre op assessment is on Friday and my op is on 14th June.

Im glad it’s happening so quick.

Lets get this cancer out ?

Hi Ginny you can apply for a grant from Macmillan for up 400 to help with the cost of treating your cancer x

Hi everyone

I have moved in to this chat room now having received biopsy result on Thursday. I actually feel a bit of a fraud in that I have a tiny 4 mm lesion which is DCIS. The screening team are being self congratulatory having picked up such a small lesion and of course I am very pleased and eternally grateful they are so good at their job

The plan is for me to meet my surgeon on June 19th and then I will have surgery within a fortnight of that meeting with 3 weeks of radiotherapy post op.

I can’t believe how much calmer I feel having had results. I found the fear of the unknown quite crippling beforehand. I still do have this slightly surreal feeling though and each morning on waking the remembering is strange.

The support I found in “Probably but waiting for results” was phenomenal. Thank you so much to Helena for words of wisdom and support.

I would love to hear of people’s experience of radiotherapy. I know that is a way off for me yet and because my lesion is quite tiny the radiation dose is likely to be small but I wonder how it has made people feel and whether it is possible to carry on working through the course etc.

Thank you everyone.

Diddy xxxx

Hi Diddy,
So glad to see how positive you are now, our imaginings are often far worse than the reality!
I completed rads a year ago now & oddly, I quite enjoyed the experience, as you get to know the team & others going through it in the same time slot.
I was able to take sick leave, so I did, but if I had to or needed to work, I would have been able to & many of us do. As ever, it’s important to listen to your body & adapt if you need to.
ann x

Thanks so much for all your replies. Your words of wisdom are very much appreciated.

Diddy xxxx

Thanks to everyone for your replies to my queries about radiotherapy. I guess it will be a case of suck it and see.


I have been able to share my news with family members now which is quite a relief. I had been so worried about how each person would take it but have tried very hard to be up beat myself which everyone has reflected in their reaction which is great. 


My first meeting with my surgeon is 2 weeks tomorrow. Not long at all in the scheme of things.


Thank you for your support. I do get a great deal out of this website. I hope to be able to help others in the future when I am out at the other end. Diddy

Hi I’m Sue , I’m 58 and diagnosed with ER + PR + (double positive ) oestrogen sensitive breast cancer on 30th May, the lump is 27mm with lymph nodes involved,so having them removed wednesday 21st June in afternoon along with a lumpectomy , so will be in for one or two nights apparently. Im grade 1 stage 2. Will probably be having chemo followed by rads… I work in a school , hope to be back after 2 weeks of recuperating after op…if all goes well. Then chemo will start in school hols so planning to take 4 months of till christmas…anyone else had similar treatment plan and can advise me if its doable or will I maybe need more time off after christmas…my school and family have been so suportive and im really positive in outcome although anxious about lumpectomy…thanks. Sue

Mine was drained as I had infection, they wanted to test fluid but as so much of it decided to remove what they could, though warned it could return.


It was like my boob deflated like a balloon :slight_smile: and revealed big dent where growth removed.


I noticed swelling under arm also deflated which was interesting.


I was also assured it should be reabsorbed but if get infection or find it an issue you can ask for drainage but tjere is risk of infection through procedure.


I looked up exercises for lymphodemia which did help.


Hooe it resolves for you :slight_smile: