Newly diagnosed

Hi all, 


I am 30 years old and 2 weeks ago I diagnosed with invasive duct breast cancer after having a positive result from a lumpectomy which consultant was almost certain it was not cancer, since then have had another biopsy on same breast which has also came back positive. Also MRI which has shown a 4x4 cm lesion in same breast and 2 small lesions in other breast. Before surgery I have just been sent to have ultrasound biopsy’s following MRI results, however radiographer was quite dismissive and said the 2 lesions are too small to pick up on ultrasound and therefore to leave that breast and wait and see what happens!! I have already told the consultant I would prefer double mastectomy but they are reluctant to (even though they know I have suspicious lesions!) also waiting to find out if it has spread to my lymph nodes and results of genetic testing.

I am opting to have reconstruction at the same time and struggling to come to terms with all of this, what have been people’s experience of reconstruction from Tummy? Recovery ? Pain? Appearance ? 

Thanks x

Hi Lilly


I’m so sorry you’ve found yourself in this situation. I have no experience of reconstruction but I do have experience of the ‘nothing of concern’ initial diagnosis, with a clear mammogram and a clear ultrasound - yet everything changing weekly with each biopsy till I just switched off and said get on with it. I only asked about my actual diagnosis this August and I finished my treatments last June! 


I’m here to tell the tale, like all the others. I didn’t ever think about dying from cancer but I thought I’d have a mental breakdown - hence the switching off. Whatever you are faced with, you will find you have the resources to deal with it. Surround yourself with trusted and supportive people who will let you take the lead, don’t expect to be superwoman and, above all, steer clear of anything on Google. If you need to understand anything and can’t ask your team, the nurses here are excellent. They understand the emotional and psychological elements that Google can make no allowances for. 


I hope everything goes as smoothly for you as it can.

Jan x