NHS-Summary Care Record - your emergency care summary

Received this document in the post today stating that the NHS in England is introducing the Summary Care Record which will be used in Emergency care & will contain information about medicines, allergies and adverse reaction, it gives the option to opt out. Anyone else have further information on this?

My only viewpoint is fron the side of primary care (GPs etc) who often see patients admitted to hospital and when they come back out there is no mention of some of the meds that the patient was on before admission and can only assume that the patient was never given them during admission because of incomplete history taking… so from that point of view having the info available on admission is a big step forward in safety.

At the moment if you are admitted overnight or at the weekend it is highly probable your surgery is closed and so the only info about you available is what you (or your relatives) can tell them.

Can’t comment on data security except know they take that seriously.

As far as I can see, in Scotland their Emergency Care Record system is set with an audit trail when the patients record has been accessed, in England, you won’t know who & when your account has been accessed apparently alerts will be sent to “privacy officers” where the record was accessed. Technically, as it is a nationwide database, my medical information will be available beyond the local team treating me with so many potential users of a data system I have concern about the security of my data. Any NHS folk out there already working with this database?

I got a letter last year and decided to opt out. I know exactly what I’m on and don’t need any Tom Dick and Harriett viewing my details willy-nilly.