Night before surgery

Hi everyone, I’m currently in hospital as have my surgery in the morning. Had my injection which I didn’t even find sore! Anyone else recently had wle and ans?


Hello Cara, I hope you are being well looked after this evening.  I had a WLE (and reduction to the good side) with the removal of 4 sentinal nodes a year ago. Like you I had my surgery early morning (had to go in at 7.30am) so received the nuclear injection the day before. After the op I was in for one night because of having both sides ‘done’.  The whole thing happens in rather a haze so most procedures that are inflicted on you during this whole BC business I would describe as uncomfortable rather than painful!  Good luck for tomorrow, it will be over before you know it.  One year on I’ve just had my first mammogram and that was clear, hurrah!  Do post again when you are feeling up to it and let us know how you are getting along.  All the best and thinking of you.

Good luck Cara.

Thanks, the staff are lovely here and I feel so well looked after which makes the whole process that bit easier to deal with. Ruthiesings, did you go through chemo after?

Cara,  good luck  I had wle and mammoplasty  (reduction) with sentinal and the node above removed in February.  I have healed well abd still keep going my exercises otherwise my arm gets a but stiff. Another but further along the road to recovery  ?x

Feeling okay and not too sore, thanks. I was told I’d be going through chemo as mine is grade 3 ductal er+. Let’s hope I get the results I want and won’t need more surgery so I can start the next step :slight_smile:

Glad your feeling ok Cara Plenty of rest and make sure you do the exercises they give you. I am recovering at home from my 2nd Op. Skin saving mastectomy with node clearance and surgeon did an immediate implant reconstruction. Pain not to bad. Sorry you have has to join us but you will get loads of support on her. Lou x