Night sweats on docetaxel

Hi anyone have any tips for getting a good nights sleep when having 2 hourly night sweats? My GP gave me sleeping tablets but they make me feel sick so don’t teke them any more. I have some hot flushes during the day which I can deal with but the night sweats are causing so much insomnia it’s driving me mad, feel worn out during the day every day, help! X


I was being driven insane with night sweats, so I tried everything and anything. What worked for me was the ‘chillow’ a cooling pillow. Which I would leave next to the bed and when I woke I would grab it and I could go almost immediately back to sleep. I also got a very light weight duvet, which was great. Plus I tried a menopause magnet, which strangely enough did seem to work! My hot flushes have now reduced, and I don’t seem to get night sweats anymore. So all these things I’ve not needed for months. But at the time they were a life saver…well they helped me keep my sanity!

Good luck with your continued treatment xx

Hi Hazel

as the other lady said I had a chillow and in addition I had a silk pillow cases…bit expensive but nice and cool.

I also slept with the fan facing me.It did pass but I sympathise x

Good luck

Donna x