Night Sweats

I have posted this for new user Jean.
Jo, Facilitator

I finished chemo 7 weeks ago. I went to Addenbrokes 4 weeks ago for my tattoo’s and markings. Since that day, I wake up at least once during the night absolutely soaking. I wonder if anyone else has this and what they did, or any suggestions to help it.

Hiya i finished all my treatment at the end of June had night sweats and hot flushes all the way through chemo and now on tamoxifen only thing i find is having a cool pillow and keep the back of the neck cool. Hope it gets better for you.

I invested in a ‘chillo’ - brilliant and it works for me! I got mine online from a company that was known for selling books originally. It doesn’t ‘sweat’ like an ice pack.


I don’t know if it would help, not knowing what is causing your sweats, but you could try Evening Primrose Oil. You would probably need to take it for a few weeks, to give it a chance to work.

Ann x

Hi Jean, I had some night sweats with FEC, but Tax (last dose August) seems to have switched off all my sweat glands. Having said that I burn and roast at night so keep waking up.

During FEC I slept on a towel which I had to change during the night when I had night sweats, but saved the bed! The hot flushes got worse with radiotherapy.

Been on zoladex and arimidex for 5 weeks and “night roasting” has got worse. I bought a Chillow this week and can really recommend it, peace at last. Great for headaches too. Nutritionist recommended eating lots of tumeric during rads.

Alice x

Hi Jean,

Although it doesn’t prevent the night sweats, I’ve found that rather than wearing cotton pyjamas or polyester, wearing sports clothing made of Goretex, or other moisture-trapping materials, really helps to mop up the sweat, and keeps it away from my skin and sheets so I don’t wake up feeling drenched and freezing as the sweat cools off. It’s helping me to get longer periods of sleep.

This is a tip from my sporty sister who doesn’t have bc but who went through natural menopause and suffered the same symptoms until she fell asleep one night in her sports gear and for the first time in ages wasn’t woken by a night sweat! Worth a try?

Congratulations on finishing the chemo.

Best wishes, Buckwheat

Thanks all for your suggestions. Sorry not responded before but problems with PC. My doctor at radiotherapy did suggest I could try Evening Primrose tablets. I started these a couple of weeks ago and only started my Tamoxifen last week. At the moment, I do still get the sweats at night, but whether its my imagination or not, they dont feel quite as bad.