night sweats!!

Hello ladies

just looking for some advice please, I have been taking tamoxifen now since the end of march, since then I have been having horendous night sweats so much so that I can’t remember the last decent nights sleep I had.

A litle while back My oncologist gave me provera to take, but I didn’t take them straight away cause I was hoping the nights sweats would eventually subside on their own, now i’am desperate!

I went to see my GP in the week and he recommended I should take it so I have just started to, I have also asked for some sleeping tablets cause i’am desperate and trying to hold down a full-time job and not sleeping is making me feel ill, and whoppee last night I slept for 8hrs,

I know I can’t forever take the zoplicone for ever, so I was wondering if any of you kind ladies had any hints and tips on how to get a good nights sleep while sweating like a pig !!

All replies gratefully excepted

ann x


I too had terrible night sweats and my GP prescribed me clonidine. It works a treat, tho I still get quite hot at times. I take it twice a day. I also have trouble sleeping and dont have any zopiclone left. I have resorted to Nytol but they’re not so good.

Julia xx

Hi Ann,
I had bad sweats when taking arimidex, and my oncologist prescribed me half dose venlafaxine (spel?) It is on of the newer antidepressents, but also has an affect on hot flushes. It worked very well and also helped me get off to sleep as it makes you drowsy. I hope you find something that helps.
beest wishes,

Not much hope for me then, as I’m half way through e-cmf, I’m 49 and since chemo, periods have stopped. For the past couple of weeks, I think the hot flushes have started during the night. I wonder if they’ll get worse when I start tamoxifen in the Autumn?

Yet another thread to be saved for future reference…

Hope you find the remedy for this Ann X

I had terrible night sweats for first three/four months of taking Tamoxifen. I also had terrible nausea for 6 months. After that the side effects went away and now am just left with joint pain and skin rash.

I know we are all individual but hold on a little longer and see what happens.

Relax in a bath before bed and a good book. Hope all settles down for you soon.

God bless

I use a ‘chillo’ - its a water filled pillow that keeps cool. Search on Google and you will find suppliers. it really helps me to have a good sound sleep even in this hot weather!

Does anyone get horrendous pain at the time of flushes?! I am 3+ years from chemo, yet the hot flushes are getting worse, not better, and I get a slight ‘panicky’ feel just before the heat starts, and this pain that can travel up my arms, legs and stomach! Am I wierd or does anyone else experience this?
I have chillow pillow, and I have tried soya milk; I don’t drink alcohol as it just immediately sets off heat. I am on mirtazepine, which studies show help cut hot flushes, but I am just getting more and more exhausted with broken nights. My GP reluctantly prescribed Clonidine, as I suffer with bi polar, and this can make it worse, but I stopped it after 3 weeks, as it didn’t help, and was disturbing sleep even more! When I say ‘night sweats’ I don’t actually sweat, just burn up all over my body, not just face and neck. I have mini fans at every port in my house, and quite honestly I don’t know what else to do! I limit caffeine, etc, etc, and what else can I take from life?
The things we have to put up with, on top of cancer, losing breast, hair, and health!
Any other tips would be more than gratefully received, or just to know I am not the only person who experiences this intense pain when I burn would be so reassuring.
Best wishes,

ive been on tamox about 7 weeks now, and the night sweats are here. Plus the tropical moments (hot flushes) in the day. Will look into the chillo, thanks for the tip

Hi All, night sweats and hot flushes with a vengence, manageable during the day. Black cohosh didn’t work. Keep waking just before flush with head feeling like I’ve stayed in the sauna too long, rip off duvet and nightshirt. Some last a couple of minutes but some can be half hour long and some can be back to back! Am trying to keep a sense of humour about it! Last few nights much better. Changed duvet to summer weight at weekend. Am not holding my breath yet!!!

Have you tried Evening Primrose Oil? Give it a few weeks, though. I had been taking it for a number of years prior to bc and although I am on Letrozole I don’t get sweats at all - just ‘warm’ flushes. Worth a try.

Ann x

Hi Jax
sorry - don’t have any solutions, but just wanted to tell you I have weird feelings before the ‘hotties’ - nausea and a slight headache, and then I absolutely pour with sweat - very pleasant! I just go along with them, to be honest and have a silly amount of showers.
Hope things soon sort themselves out
monica xxx

Thanks Monica,
Yes, the shower is just about the only thing to work! have tried all the natural remedies over the years, including evening primrose, black koshash etc, but instead of getting better they are just getting worse. I saw my lovely new female breast consultant last week, and she feels that quality of life is important, and this has gone on long enough and is violent enough to merit HRT. As I have triple neg, and not a hormone related BC, it is worth the risk for just a short period of perhaps six months to see if it will get rid of them. It really isn’t the hot flushes that are so bedilitating as much as the creepy crawly pain I get beforehand!!
My chillow pillow is my best friend, and poor husband doesn’t get as many cuddles as it does when I am like this!

Def try Scotanne’ idear - the chillow pillow . I am 41 , BC 2006left BC age 37 - wle, chemo and rads with Tamoxifen follow up OR andPr + but her2 _. DX again in 2009. I think the Tamoxifen not working cos. in 2009 Right Breast new Primary + cancer - WLI, chemo and rads again. ! Now injections and femera - i don’t want to worry anyone :-(, but I had no symptoms of the menopaue first time - period continued throughtout chemo and Tamoxifen, and I was diagnosied again… This time round I have Def. Menopause symptoms and hope that it now means that the O+ has been stopped etc xx.

I have found the Chillow Pillow to be very helpful and helped me to sleep ,

I have found the Chillow Pillow to be very helpful and helped me to sleep.

Hi, I’m back, I didn’t want to be , but here I am. Today I found out my ‘c’ is back back…not what I wanted to hear, but I partly blame myself (my breastcare nurse said not too). I was diagnosed with aggressive 3 in 2006, did all the chemo(+bald) & radio etc etc. Then came the tamoxifen, which brought on the menopause + the most awful (& embarrassing)hot flushes ever ! Night sweats, I had to change the sheets every day (or should have done). It was too much to handle but I stayed on it for 2 & half years, then changed to arimidex after nagging my consultant about the heat in the room ! etc etc. The arimidex caused pains in my legs so bad I could hardly get up the stairs…so I stopped taking them & avoided going back for my check ups. What I am trying to say is Please put up with the hot flushes, the night sweats. I’m sure now this means the tamoxifen is actually working. My giving it up then didn’t help me in any way & I will have to (& gladly) be back on them again. Just thought I would post this to all you brave ladies because I am so annoyed at myself right now for not doing what I was told (stubborn or what !) Good luck & good health to you all xxxx

Hi lezhop
Sorry you have found yourself here again! We all take chances in life, some are lucky and some…well l don’t need to tell you!
At the time you thought it was the right thing for you, but sadly it didn’t work out to be.
You beat it once, so with the help of all those onc’s, surgeons, bcn’s, you will get through it again.
Forget the stubborness and not going back for check ups, that has gone, a new start…Good Luck
Sandra x

Hi Lezhop

I am sure that I have read that there are studies indicating that two years of Tamoxifen is as effective as the usual five years that is prescribed. Don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up about stopping them. You were just dealt a bum hand!

Best wishes,


Thank you for your comments & will hope for the best, as we all do xx

Hi Ann , I know from other posts that a lot of ladies find the chillow very good . ( my dog has one and he loves it !} I’ve been wearing the "ladycare magnet " for several months , and despite taking many supplements , this has been the only thing that has worked so far . Still I have hot flushes every hour and bad nights ,but it is bettr than it was .
I’m also having acupuncture , and I’ve progestorone cream ordered .Never in my life would i have thought i would be doing all these complimentary things .If all fails I will ask about the anti depressants , but i really don’t want to go down that route if not absolutley essential.
So sorry lezhop , what a bummer , to have put up with all that . Good luck this time around .

Nearly 3 months on arimidex and I am wet through day and night, as soon as I shower I’m dripping again, forgetting what a good nights sleep is, if I so much as move in this hot weather it gets me, fans going all the time but it’s to noisy at night, I’m glad I’m not at work, they would think I was just a right stinker lol. Just hoping things settle down soon or I may have to go live in Iceland.

I have my chillow but it soon warms up with my body heat…