Nightie discovery!

Taking tips from others on the site re not being able to get anything over your head after armpit surgery, I have been looking for a nightie which buttons up at the front. I didn’t fancy Pyjamas and I normally wear a tee shirt type nightie. Found one in Bon Marche. OK, I know it isn’t the most stylish of shops! Anyway it is the tee shirt type with buttons right up the front. It has a couple of small Granny type ribbons, but I will cut those off. I also bought a couple of value cotton bras from Tesco, following advice on here re the need for a soft bra after surgery. They were £3 for two. I read in the paper the other day that it is now in vogue to shop at cut price shops, so I needn’t be ashamed!

Julie. N.

Hi acdcacda,

Trying to get a nightie over your head after surgery is a nightmare! I stupidly tried while I still had a drain in and almost passed out with the agony! A full button up one is a much better. Even the one’s with just a few buttons are just as difficult. I bought some pj vest tops from M and S and they were terrible also. Comfort is more important than style I think!

Malan x

Just to add to the tips on button up nighties, I had a major problem in finding cotton nighties in October prior to my Tram Flap Recon. Necessary in a hot hospital ward, not being able to put them over your head and also with a tummy scar it was important that my surgeon could examine me whilst still keeping my dignity!!

After a major search of all the favourite Department stores I eventually found them in the Edinburgh Woolen Mill, not exactly chic, but extremely practical.

Hi Milan and Jemtay

Thanks for your comments. I will wear my nightie with pride! Julie

Hi acdcacdc,

You should defo wear your nightie with pride, although I know what you mean about Bon Marche! LOL!! MY mum got me something from Matalan that sounds v.similar when I had my mastectomy and node clearance in March.

If you are a pj fan I found the best pair ever in the ‘Next Directory’, they are also on their website. They are button through short sleeved pj’s with a black and white check, and they only cost £13. I wore them religiously and found them particularly good as the checks meant they weren’t remotely see-through. The bottoms are like capri pants so they keep you cooler than full length bottoms,

Good luck with your op and I wish you a speedy recovery,

Take care,


Thanks for these top tips regarding nighties,and bras. Looks like I will have to go shopping next week. Do not seem to have anything much with buttons. Regarding bras - do I need a bra the same size or one size bigger?

Hi, i found strappy vest tops a size larger than i normally have great, i could slip the left side down my arm, then with the right hand, take it right over my left side, i opted to trouser bottoms, just cos i found it easier with the drains, but i got the cheapo ones from m&s, buy two and get one free, i still use them for bed now

Alison xx

Anne, if your going to see your BC nurse again, ask her to measure you, i was told to get sports bra’s which i did, and i’ll be honest, the m&s ones i found to be so uncomfortable, so if anyone needs two five week old white m&s £16 a go sports bra’s for free, then let me know, they are size 40 b , my normal size is 38d in a good padded underwired bra! they fit me fine now.

Alison x

HI everyone

Thanks for all the tips.

Julie N

Gosh, what a lot of things to think about before I go into hospital! Don’t have any button-up nighties or pj’s at the moment. Size is a bit of a problem. Anyone know where to get them in big sizes?