Nipple discharge urgent refferal 23 years old

im an absolute wreck right now, I’m 10 weeks pregnant since about 4 weeks maybe I’ve noticed a dry crusting of discharge on my nipple only a very small amount!! A yellowish colour, somtimes notice it on my bra to drys yellow! Well I decided to go to my gp Wednesday as I saw it coming out, only a small amount, there’s no lumps or anything, she felt both breasts only the left nipple let’s out discharge when squeezed, she said she wasn’t to worried, hormonal maybe infection and breast cancer bottom of her list, yesterday I squeezed my boob and made a clear gold colour liquid come out, today I got an urgent refferal letter to the breast clinic! I’m crying and panicking so much!!! I’m only 23! I’m absolutely petrified! Did anyone else have only discharge as there symptom? I’m so upset 

@meglouisexx  - first of all, welcome to the forum and a big hug coming your way. I hope we can all help support you through this anxious waiting time.

First of all, please try not to panic because you have an urgent referral letter to the breast clinic. It is normal and standard practice for all breast changes to be referred under the “urgent” 2 week pathway (I’m assuming you are in the UK, if elsewhere in the world rules may be different). It doesn’t mean your GP was especially worried - in fact, from what you say in your message, your GP wasn’t concerned but it is good practice to check all changes.

I’m not medical so I wouldn’t like to guess as to what is causing the discharge, but a quick google search says that pregnancy can cause discharge, so that could be one reason your GP is looking at. You say she has also suggested an infection or hormonal reason, with BC at the bottom of the list. Please don’t google yourself or you will end up scaring yourself as Dr Google doesn’t know you or your symptoms.

Everyone on here will know that dreadful anxious feeling while you wait. It is really tough. But try to keep in mind that BC is very rare in younger women, not impossible, but very rare and try to focus on the other possibilities instead. As lovely @Shi  always says “You don’t have BC until someone diagnoses you”. You should congratulate yourself on being breast aware, and for taking the difficult step of going to see your GP.

What date is your appointment? While you wait, try to take one day at a time, be kind to yourself and give yourself lots of treats. I know that sounds a cliche, but you need to take good care of yourself especially as you are pregnant. Have you tried mindfulness? Or a good box set of rubbish/easy to concentrate on TV series or films?

We are all here to chat and hold your hand as you wait. Everyone just gets it without the need for explanation, so just come on and chat any time you need. Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on, if you wish of course.

Very best wishes, Evie xx

Please don’t worry about how quickly your appointment has come through this is a normal procedure, thankfully.
It is all so worrying but take a lot of comfort from what your GP has told you (easier said than done I know) we all, always think the worse but not every lump or whatever is cancer (far from it).
Try not to over squeeze your breast you do not want to cause any infection or make it sore, just keep it clean and wait for your appointment.

A baby, how lovely and a Spring birth super time to be born.
Stay strong, always people on here if you want to chat (mind you I am NO young spring chicken) but I can always rabbit on


Poppy xx