Nipple Hypersensitivity following surgery

I had breast surgery on both breasts five weeks ago (wide local incision on left breast and therapeutic mammoplasty reduction on both). Since then both nipples have been hypersensitive so that I experience unpleasant tingling if they are touched by a nightie, for example, and have no feeling of pleasure. I understand that hypersensitive is a better sign than total numbness and that pleasant feelings should return.

Has anyone else had this problem?

yes same here. I found when it hurt the way to stop it hurting was to grab my breast realy hard. And then several times a day i tapped my nipple ever so gently with my finger. The first few taps hurt but then the pain goes and you find that it feels normal after more taps. Eventuall the pain went after a couple of taps and then i found the nipple stopped being sensative.

But blow me down, now into the fourth weeks of rads and it has started again. I have deep nerve pain within my breast and realy sensative nipples. Its getting better though.

I had the same problem after I had an implant in my good side to match my recon. It lasted several weeks, even maybe a small number of months, can’t remember now, but the hypersensitivity definitely went away eventually.

I had this too after reduction/lift to my right breast but I had been so worried that I would lose any sensation that it was a relief (having lost my left nipple to mx.) The painful hyper sensitivity didn’t last too long but I am very pleased to report that it is a bit more sensitive than it was, which I appreciate since I only have one … we call it “super nipple” as it has to do the work of two!!!
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