Nipple reconstruction and revision surgery anyone?? **



I am on the waiting list for a nipple sharing procedure and some sculpturing revision of the reconstructed breast as it’s a tiny bit too large.  I seem to be getting myself quite worked up about it all.  Has anyone had sculpturing done on a breast (I had a PAP reconstruction done nearly a year ago). How did you find the procedure, if you had it?  I am worried about going through a whole lot more pain as I found the reconstruction itself very hard and I’m worried that they may go the other way and make the breast too small! Smiley Sad


Also worried about the nipple reconstruction (nipple sharing) (but hey I do seem to worry about everything) Smiley Surprised how did the donor nipple feel afterwards and do you still have feeling in it.  I have been told that I will have but would be nice to hear from some ladies who have had this done?


Does having a nipple finish it all off do you think and is it worth while and how long before I can start to jog etc again?


Thanks very much!




Hi mysterymouse, I can’t answer your queries fully as I’m in the same boat 5 weeks post DIEP and will need revisions in the future.

However, I previously had implant reconstruction which was ok - better than using prosthesis. I’d always hated the look and feel of it so earlier this year (2.5 years after initial surgery) I had a 3-d nipple tattoo and a silicone stick on nipple mounded from my existing one.

I cannot explain fully what a huge difference this made. Just seeing the illusion of a nipple every time I dressed/undressed was fantastic and psychologically uplifting.

Once my DIEP has settled I will definitely be asking for a nipple reconstruction and tattoo.

A friend had a nipple done this year (that’s what pushed me to do it) created with the trust technique rather than sharing. It was a local anaesthetic and she’s delighted and was back riding horses very quickly.

So go for it, you’ll be so much happier. X

Hi MM…I had nipple sharing but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. It is as flat as a pancake. Although my old nipple still has feeling  it’s looks different… a bit pointy …so I feel like I changed the shape for nothing but didn’t know that would be the case at the time. I could’ve had a tattoo on my reconstructed breast which would give the same effect. Don’t be put off by this though, I have read on this site that’s lots of ladies had the same and have been really pleased with it…xxx

Hi MM and Poppy

Sorry your nipple sharing didn’t go to plan Poppy.

MM I’ve just reread my post - typing error, my friend’s nipple was twist not trust! From what I understand they literally twist the skin, plus a few stitches to make a nipple shape then you can have a 3D tattoo to complete the reconstruction. Don’t have a medical tattoo as that fades very quickly, you need a proper tattoo done. Where do you live? I’ve found a fab tattoo artist who I have introduced to my surgeon and she now refers her patients there.

I was told about the prosthetic nipple by someone I met on a Macmillan hope course. It’s done by the maxillo facial department at my local hospital - I think most hospitals have them. The procedure isn’t well publicised, again I’ve made my surgeon aware so she can refer patients! Think I should be claiming commission!

Ask to be referred to another plastic surgeon to discuss your nipple options. In the meantime it’s worth researching tattoos and stick on nipples in your area. Xx