Nipple Reconstruction & reduction

Hi Ladies
I have just been given a date for a nipple reconstruction and a reduction on the ‘good’ side. I had a mastectomy and immediate LD reconstruction last September.
I am feeling a little bit anxious and I’m hoping there’s someone out there who can re-assure me I’m doing the right thing (I have considered just leaving things as they are) but I suppose it would be nice to be ‘even’ again!



Hi Carol,
I had reduction on good side and nipple recon on other side 3 weeks ago. I have to say it does feel good to be even again, i was a 40D, not sure what size i am now yet. i know it is a lot to go through but whats important is how you feel about yourself. i was still having to wear something in my bra to even me out and it just seemed pointless. I’m feeling a lot better about myself now although it is still all healing and a lot more painful than i thought it would be. My nipple looks great but wierd at first as it is so big!! I have been told it will flatten down, surgeon used skin from round my good nipple on the other side, so i won’t need tatoo now.
It just feels like another step on the way back to normality- whatever that is!!!- And i’m hoping no more operations!!
Marg xxx

Hi Marg,

Can I ask about your reduction etc? I had a diep reconstruction in December and will need a reduction to my good breast. In the meantime I am still off work but probably going back after half term as I work in a school. While I am not seeing loads of people I am ok about the difference in size but know that when I wear nice work clothes many of them will show up that one side is higher and smaller than the other. What did you use to pad out your bra, could you get a natural look? I bought some ‘chicken fillets’ from La Senza but I can’t get them to look right. I am so happy that I had the re-con and know I have to be patient until I get the reduction done (I think we all learn a lot of patience in this)but at least when I had my prosthesis I looked even as much as I hated being like that- definitely glad to have left prosthesis aside now. Any suggestions for what to try. I am a 40E on good side, not sure about new one but possibly a C/D cup.

Also how long recovery do you anticipate for the reduction? I’m looking ahead and forward to that.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Lynn,
i got some busom buddies from M & S, thet were ok, but i coulod tell the difference, not sure if others could, but at least they fill you out a bit. I also wore it in my Amoena bikini last summer and it looked ok.
i have been off work 4 weeks now and due at docs tommorrow, hoping may just have another couple of weeks off. I have had a bit of infection and had 2 lots of antibiotics but it is all healing up now. i am just a bit worried about the underneath bit where my bra rubs, so it might take a while to heal up, i still have a dressing on it. My nipple recon is looking great!!!
i actually can’t believe how normal i feel already, i can’t even remember that there was nothing on my left side for over 2 years.
Onwards and upwards!!!

I had an immediate LD reconstruction 3 years ago, 9 months later I had a nipple reconstruction, it was done by using the skin already there, at first it was really good but it has flattened over time, I don’t think having it tattooed helped and I might add that has faded. I was told that I could go back any time and have it redone but think enough is enough.

Good luck.


Hi marg,
Thanks for your reply. I hope your infection clears up quickly and your GP lets you have the time off to recover as you feel you need. I looked at M & S website but can’t find Bosom Buddies, did find another article that said the larger stores like Marble Arch & Bluewater have a new range of post surgical lingerie. I’m going in to London today to the Nicola Jane shop as they sell some things for helping to disguise the size difference, but I don’t want to spend lots as hopefully will only need them for a few months until I have reduction. I’m wearing old bras at the moment and everything seems a different shape, size, even my wiast seems higher and rounder since the surgery - always did have a’muffin top’ but it’s circumference seems bigger (probably is as I do like my food) and I feel like I’m strangling myself with hoisting the larger boob up to the max with the bra strap. I’ve found that wearing a nice scarf which drapes over my chest helps to disguise things and I do have a nice collection of scarves so may have to do that for a while if I can’t pad things out nicely.

Anyway, won’t waffle on any more. Take care

Hi - I’ve just been reading through these posts. I had a diep flap at the beginning of Dec and am due to have the nipple reconstruction and the reconstruction reduced in about 3-4 months. The reconstruction is a d/e cup and my normal boob is a c cup. I went back to work two weeks ago and can’t wear anything too tight as I notice the difference. I’ve been wearing a silicone enhancer, but it isn’t perfect and I can still notice the difference - but may be a bit paranoid! I have just been into M&S and the bossom buddies are the same as the one I have. Mine were from TK Maxx and cost about £6 and the M&S ones are £20 - so if theres a TK Maxx near you, its worth a visit.


i was a size 36c but at the moment on the reconstructed side i’m a 40d and still a 36c on the other side. i’m going back in 2 months time to have the reconstructed side reduced and to have nipple done.

but as my daughter’s wedding is in a month’s time, i didnt want my day spoilt by being uncomfortable/conscious with lopsided boobs, and most definitely didnt want it immortalised in the wedding photos!! i was also finding it very difficult to buy an outfit that fitted. so i bought a bra by prima donna. it cost a fortune but it is amazing the difference it has made, i feel like a new woman and it is very comfortable. it also manages to make the remaining swelling down from my armpit on the reconstructed side disappear! i’ve also managed to get an outfit that fits perfectly, but only with my new bra on!

by the time i am hopefully ‘even’ sided again, i’ll have certainly got my money back as i never have it off now!