Nipple reconstruction

I am due to have my follow up appointment with my PS next Tuesday, when no doubt we will discuss nipple reconstruction.

I would appreciate details of others’ experience of this.

I have often read that a skin graft of some sort will eventually go rather flat - is this what you have found? My other nipple is large - I don’t really want one large one and one flat one.

How about the nipple sharing procedure? Would that be better? I assume though that you would lose sensitivity in your good side by doing this?

Hi Roadrunner, I had nipple reconstruction yesterday, and have yet to see the results as it has to remain covered for the next two weeks. The reconstruction was done using existing skin, which was cut and shaped and then re-stitched.

My surgeon didnt mention that the nipple could flatten, but she did say that out of the past 100 operations carried out, only one had failed. Got to wait for three months before tattooing can be carried out to complete the job.

The operation was carried out under general anaesthetic, but as a day surgery. I have had no pain in the new nipple, and only slight discomfort from where my port was removed.

Fingers crossed for the grand un-veiling in two weeks time!

Thanks for that.

Let me now how you get on

Hi roadrunner. Just thought i would let you know that i had my stitches out today and am really pleased with the results. It was well worth the wait and i can have the final tattoo in 4 - 6 weeks time.

Hi ladies,

Hope you dont mind me joining in, but i have a question about nipple recons.
I am waiting for tidy up op to my ld reconstructed breast,+ becker implant, also change to silicone implant hopefully.
I also expect we will discuss nipple recon, but my question is this:
How do you get it in the right position, because once you put on your bra, the position of your breasts change?
Also if the nipple is always erect, and obviously the natural one isnt, do you have problems with what you have to wear?
Thanks ladies,
Rosie x

Hi rosie, when i woke up after the operation i had black lines drawn on me which had been used as markers to get the exact positioning to match the other sitde. When i wear a bra both sides move in the same way. Although the new nipple does stick out slightly more, in a bra this doesnt notice at all… very clever stuff!

I hope your tidy up operation goes well. Take care.

Jacky x

It’s now been decided that I will have a nipple sharing graft, as that will give me a better cosmetic result. So on the waiting list yet again, I don’t expect it to be before Christmas.

Waiting lists…what a pain, but its something we just have to put up with sadly. Hope you get the date through soon, and good luck when it happens. x