nipple reconstruction ..

anyone had nipple reconstruction can advise please? obviously with nipple reconstruction the nipple must be erect all the time, is this a problem with certain clothes? I need to find out do they come in different sizes? im due to meet my consultant in 3 months to discuss a date!
any comments be grateful

Hi Bakers,

I had my nipples reconstructed (bilateral) in Feb this year and am well pleased with the results, I did tell the plastic surgeon before the op that I didn’t want big sticky out nipples, and he did me proud, when the dressings first came off they were a little bigger than I would’ve liked but after a couple of weeks they soon settled down.

I am now awaiting the tatooes.

Take care


Dear Bakers
That was one of my concerns too, having the reconstructed nipple being permanently erect, and was one of the reasons I didn’t go for reconstruction immediately it was offered. However, I needn’t have worried. The surgeon looked very carefully at my existing nipple in its various states from completely flat to erect, and made it so that it is midway between between erect and relaxed, and most of the time that matches the other nipple perfectly. It certainly is never obvious through clothes ( I tend to wear a lot of fairly closefitting longsleeved tshirts, shirts and thin v-neck sweaters). Occasionally, when it’s cold, the real nipple stands out on its own, but that tends not to last long and certainly I don’t worry about it.
As Karen said, the reconstructed nipple does appear quite a bit larger than the other at first, but it seems to settle down in a short time quite suddenly. I was, and am, delighted with my nipple, and the tattooing really finished it off beautifully.
Good luck and best wishes

Thank you ladies for your replies. I have to have both sides with nipple reconstruction so at least they will match. my BCN said its abit swollen to start off with but they do it so they are not HUGE!!
take care

hi i’m highjacking here also i too, also have to have the 2 nipples on whats the recovery time ??? can anyone help

If it’s any consolation since I had radiotherapy on one side I now have one permanently erect nipple despite it being home grown

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