nipple tatoo- advice please.

hi ladies,
had my nipple tatooed on tuesday, now it is all scabby and keeps getting stuck to my bra. nurse said not to put anything on it but tempted to put some sort of cream on. how long will it take to heal up. apart from that i am pleased with it, it was aweird sensation having it done as i couldn’t feel anything, even without a local.
mnarg xx

I would do EXACTLY as nurse has told you - you never know, a cream you use might react with the pigment and cause it to change colour/fade as soap can. Don’t pick at it either. I think first time I had mine done I had gauze inside my bra cup (wore at night too for a few days)to cushion wound until it healed, and put a smear of vaseltine on when I showered to protect it from water (had to keep soap away from there too). Last time though (when I had colour touched up)I put gauze in bra again during day, didn’t cover at night, but didn’t have to use vaseline, just avoided soaking or washing that area with soap until healed. You’ll find it heals very quickly.


I have had mine tattooed 3 times now, the last time being July this year. Each time it was covered for a few days then healed nicely. Trouble with mine is it had faded each time, and even this last one looks to be going the same way.

Hope yours is a good result for you.

Love Deborah x