Nipple tatooing.

Hi everyone,i had a wle wirh full node clearance,in February 2010, then went on to have a few further surgeries relating to my braca 2 status.
I have kinda finished my treatment on to find I am going to have top pay if I want to have my nipples tatooing,( I had bith removed due ti being braca2 carrier.
I live in Bucks and was wondering if anyone knows how much I will cost me,cant believe I have to pay!

Never heard of having to pay - am having this done on NHS in a couple of weeks.  I think I’d be checking further if it were me.  Hope you get it done free and get a good result.

I will have to ring my breast care nurses tommorrow,but it wad my consultant at milton keynes hospital that said they no longer did it and my breast care nurse could provide me with the details of a medical tatooist at a clinic in stoke Mandeville.
So I know it is a post code lottery thing it appears,so depressing.

Hi I am due to haave nipple tattooing and Kings Mill Hospital Mansfield and I dont have to pay!

Thank you ladies for your replies,i just wish I didnt have to pay!
I am going to ring the breastcare nurses and see if I can be refered anywhere where I wouldn’t have to pay.
After 3 years and 5 surgeries I was discharged finally a couple of months ago from the breast care department,but I am still having anual oncology appointments,just wish I could get my tatooes done and could close another chapter in my life.