I am booked in next week for a nipple re-construction and out of all the decisions I have had to make this is for some reason the hardest! I think this is because having a mastecomy was a life or death decsion. I had a mastectomy and re-construction when I was 28 in 2008… I’m now 31.
I have kind of got used to having no nipple and i’m worried that if I have it done i’m going to hate it or have a permanantly erect nipple… My scar is circular and i’m also worried my boob will look like a target practice!
In my re-constructed boob i have an implant and also concerned that when i have kids my normal boob will drop and concernend that I will have wonky boobs and may want to have surgery to correct this and that the reconstructed nipple will be in the wrong place. Sorry if I sound vain, thats not my intention… I just wanted to get advise from others who have had it done… what does it look like/are you happy with the results? or hear from others who are going through the same think as me.

I had a double mastectomy in November 2010 and the same as you, have round scars where my nipples were! I can have mine reconstructed the beginning of next year but am worried just like you. I’m scared i’m gonna hate them, I’ve almost got used to not having any! I’d love to see some pics of what they’re gonna look like, maybe i’ll google it! Let me know what you decide x