Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that if there is anyone out there who’s had a mastectomy and is unsure about nipple reconstruction, go for it!!

I have bi mx with LD recon in Feb this year because I’m BRCA1 positve and was first diagnosed with grade 3 bc in Feb '13. I had WLE, 6X chemo and 15 X rads. Nodes were clear.

After undergoing the mx  in Feb, I was just so happy that I’d reduced my risk of recurrance so drastically that I really wasnt bothered what my newly reconstructed breasts looked like. And actually they were ok. However when I saw my plastic surgeon in June and he ecxplained the precedure involved in nipple reconstruction and that they would draw the eye away from the scaring I had second theought and decided to go for it. I was told thet there’d be a 3-4 month wait but was lucky enough to get a cancellation and went in with less than 24 hours notice almost 3 weeks ago. 

When the dressing came off the following week, I was stunned at how realistic they look! I’ve said to friends that if they’d said to me " when you had the mx, we removed the nipples, put them in the freezer and have now reattached them", i woud have believed them. 

I hope this helps anyone who is unsure about what to do and am more than happy to answer any questions. 

Hi Orchard 

That is so encouraging so thank you for sharing. Have you had tattooing as part of it? Interesting that your surgeon says it draws redeye away from the scarring. I had reconstruction with a tissue expander and have a long straight scar across the Middleton the Breast where nipple would be. I do worry that itvmightvlook busy all together but maybe not. I am waiting for the swap to a permanent implant first so nipple reconstruction a little way away for me. 

Kate x

I am so glad someone put up this post.I had my masectomy 3 weeks ago and went to see the surgeon
and they told me I could have a stick on nipple the others done in surgery go flat after a while…So i am struggling with my choice x

Hi Dawn1, my plastic surgeon mentioned stick on nipples but said lots of women aren’t keen and they end up in a box in a drawer! Reconstructed nipples do shrink by about a third but they did seem quite big when the dressings came off! Let me know if you want to know anything else. Xxxx

Have you appeared on T.V ?Put that on your list and see what you can do !!!Make sure you let us know what programme to watch !

Oops Dawn 1,meant to post that for you re your 50th birthday" to do list" on another thread!!!

Am a bit worried about the tattooing now!! Or ‘tit tooing’ as my lovely friends call it!!! Maybe I’ll ask for local anaesthetic before they start! I’ve not had a tattoo before either!

I agree has well, I am getting more worked up about a Nipple than I did with having a mastectomy!!
What is wrong with Me!!
From day 1, I have been calm my surgeon loves my attitude, afterall its not their fault I had cancer!!
Now however I am getting Very anxious about a Nipple!!
I am Not loving my bloob, and being young and Single
I guess I always thought prince charming would come in his white horse to pick me up.
Now if I can’t look or touch my bloob how can anyone else…
Bloody Nipples!!

Don’t worry! You haven’t put me off! It’s good to know about the experienced of others. My reconstructed breasts are fairly numb anyway so not sure whether I’d feel anything!

Poppy Very Good questions I am also interested in the answers as I may go throught the same prodcedure x