No 'all clear' just yet...

Well, I thought I would be posting this afternoon to say that I’ve had the ‘all clear’ from the results of my mammo last week. After the doctor said her ultrasound was clear I thought I would never have to go back after today’s appointment.

But…they found cysts in both sides…and something called ‘opacity’?? Is this another name for cysts? So I have to have another ultrasound by a radiographer, and then another follow-up appointment in 3 months even if the ultrasound confirms these changes are benign.

I am quite shocked really, because I never imagined I would need to go back :S And because I was convinced I would be discharged today, I hadn’t organised time off work tonight :confused:


I’m finding this really, really difficult :((

They were so positive last week that there was nothing, now they have found this, and I’m really worried that the next ultrasound will find something else.


poor you, the waiting is just the pits isn’t it.

I think opacity means there is something that’s showing up on the scan - but I could be wrong - and even if something is showing up, that doesn’t mean it’s something bad.

Thinking of you as you go into another w/e of waiting and wondering. Try to keep your mind on other, lovely, things and come back here as often as you need.


Hello to you ,

It must be a worrying time for you, this not knowing it gets us all down, i often wonder if powers to be understand how we feel this damn waiting room.
like you i am left in limbo every thing goes at a quick pace then it slows when we are waiting for results, my result came back suspicious cells i have to have a lumpectomy soon for doc to remove lump so they are able to have a bigger result, another waiting time before i get results from op
keep strong you will get through this like we all do.
a friend who often have cyst in breast,
nothing serious for her, but we are all different

Keep pecker up Pat xx

Thank you Revcat and Mirador :slight_smile:

I understand that breast cysts are benign, but I guess it’s the opacity that they want to clarify with another ultrasound?? I suppose it’s just the fact that if they were sure everything was OK they wouldn’t want to do another scan…so still the uncertainty :confused:

Sorry to hear you are waiting too, Mirador &gt;:)&lt;&lt;/p&gt;


Well, I got the letter detailing my last appointment today. It’s clarified what ‘opacity’ means: ‘bilateral smooth opacities which looked benign and most likely to be cysts.’

I know I should feel reassured, but I don’t. I just feel that there’s still this an uncertainty hanging over me :((

Sorry to moan, but this letter has made me feel really tearful again.



When we are in this position we worry all the time,our brains always think the worse especially when we have a recall, i have had recall many times several years ago nothing to worry.
we need to be reassured i always question docs, sometimes they cant give us answers, i am sure you will have all your answers confirmed soon and then you will sigh with relief like most of us do.

There is a lot of inspiring ladies on here who give us a lot of encouragement and support, i feel very humble at times as to what they have been through.

My results wont be through for another 3 weeks this waiting room is the pits, i wonder if men now what we go through they winge if they get a cold, although there is some who do know as BC affects us all

Keep pecker up we are here for you Pat