No blood letting - PICC, port, veins - FAIL

I am so SICK of my body not playing ball. My veins are shocking, so they fitted a powerport - awesome I thought. No more messing around with my veins and bruising me all the time. Oh no!! After just ONE treatment, the port is blocked and they can’t use it. Not sure when it’s being taken out as it is useless.

So they fit a PICC line, which works fine on the day. Today the district nurse comes to flush it, and she can’t take blood from it.

Why is my body so damn attached to a small bit of blood??? I know I need blood to survive, but surely it can part with 10mls???

I’m just so fed up with this whole malarkey. I’ve now gotta wait for my friend to finish work so she can run me to Christies to the procedure team, who can hopefully do something with my PICC line.

I hate cancer.

Hi poannie

I haven’t been on the forums for ages - and have actually really benefitted from it … But hey ho, here i am tonight while hubby snorting at miranda on the telly and i don’t really get it. Couldn’t read your post without replying. I really feel foe you, as my veins are awful too. I have herceptin and pamidronate every three weeks, and every time it’s a case of hunt the vein. I’m lucky if they can get in after two attempts. My worst record so far is four different nurses each trying twice before finally striking lucky. Every time i go i wonder if and when i’ll have to go on to a line instead, but reading your post makes me feel i’ll put up with all the bruising for as long as possible.

Big cyber hug to you. I hate cancer too. It’s so bloody demanding.

Luv, alison xx

Lovely to hear from you Alison…

Poannie…sorry you are having a crap time.

julie x

I’m sorry to hear about your vein problems J…I’d also thought all would be well when I push for a port…sometime in the future…I’m still on Xeloda at the mo. Have they tried the veins on your feet? I’ve heard of others resorting to this…with good results…Take Care…xx
I beat your record Alison…but only by one… thought I was going to pass out that day…I’m also giving the forum a break and I feel SO much better for it. Hope you’re well…x
Hi to Julie too (hope you are still adding to your trouser/cargo pants collection)…Take Care all…xxxx

Hey ladies

Thank you so much for your responses.

They are probably going to take the port out and fit a new one - I wouldn’t let my story stop you guys from getting one!! Apparently I am an anomaly!!

I have had them try in my feet and ohmygod it hurts!!! Won’t let them touch them anymore.

I ended up at Christies and Fiona in the Procedure team was amazing and sorted it all out. She said it happens a lot with the district nurses, and as they are limited in what they can do to rectify stuff… Just hoping they can do it next Friday when I go to get it flushed again!!!

Much love guys

J xxxx

Glad you finally got sorted J…hope next Friday goes well…will remember what you’ve said about feet now…another idea I was keeping in reserve. :slight_smile: .xx