no chemo--will rads tire me out?

hi, WLE two weeks ago, no chemo but starting rads in 4 or 5 weeks. Full of energy at moment, scar healed full mobiity etc. I asked the doctor about performing whilst having rads and he said I would be fine as long as i could get rest during the day. He said i should get as physically fit before I started, practice much more than i normally would, rest more than i normally would, get lots of sleep and I should find that even if I felt tired once rads started I would still be able to perform (thats drumming for a couple of hours) He just said it would be safer to get someone to do the driving home after the gig.

he said not having chemo or tamoxifan and having recovered well from surgery should mean I avoid tiredness. he also said that the daily physical excercise of practicing would help me recover from the sessions

any thoughts??

I found that what your doc said was exactly right. I made sure I exercised each day throughout rads by going for a really good walk, but also got lots of rest, and felt fine all the way through. I didn’t experience the tiredness that many people report, but then I didn’t even attempt to go to work during rads.
I also did LOTS of the BCC recommended arm and shoulder exercises during and after treatment to avoid aches and pains with the awkward position you have to stay in for rads treatment, and the long term stiffening up effect afterwards.
With your drumming activities I would have thought soreness from clothes rubbing against tender bits is the highest risk.
Sarah x

i am hoping the concrete sports bra i am going to be fitted with to stop me moving around whilst playing might help. I was going to buy it after i was tatooed to make sure it covered a large enough area.


I never had chemo, just rads. Just finished mine and feel OK. I did feel tired during the treatment but it goes away. It can be quite debilitating, but as people say, get some exercise and lots of rest too and you will be OK. I had 16 rads, I am a bit sore underneath my breast where it folds, but overall it was not a bad experience.

chris x

So pleased you got through your app ok. Its hard to say as it so differs person to person you may feel just fine, you may feel wiped out, personally Ive not been too bad I had a couple of bad days in my 2nd week felt dreadfully tired & it made me feel very yucky Ive been doing a little yoga & keeping up my arm exercises which I think has helped I also didn’t feel too brilliant this morning (13th Rad) felt a bit better as the day has gone on, Ive been making sure Im in bed EARLY & usually fall asleep real quick im getting 9 hours a night & snoozing some afternoons, I concider myself quite active with 4 grown up kids lol yet still struggled on some days.

All I can say is IF you feel exausted DON’T push yourself & even on the days you feel ok take it easy (forget housework) I made this mistake & felt quite ill the next day. Eat well Sleep well & drink LOTS & lots of water throughout the day & during the night if you wake. On the days I felt a bit pooh thats the 1st thing the nurses asked was if I was drinking enough. Be Kind to you

How many rads are you having do you know ?

Mekala x

I had a friend who had WLE and rads. it made her very tired, but someone else having rads at the same time was fine.

I’d already had chemo, but didn’t find rads had any further effect on me. I made it my job for the day though - travelling there and back and just normal household chores. I went out the odd evening, but wasn’t working. I had a siesta most days - but chemo made me do that. I also walked everyday to keep fit.

Just go with how your body feels - good chance you’ll be out at a gig.