No confidence in mammo-due one soon, help!!

Hi all. Last year I had my routine mammo which i have done privately as husband has medical insurance with his company. I knew there was a problem (I had high grade Dcis four years previously) as had a lump in my scar. I waited nearly 5 weeks before chasing up results, and was told radiographers were on holiday and I had been left on their pile. This was done privately at NHS hospital!! When I saw my consultant for results I was told there was a very slight change, but the multi-disciplinary team recommended that I went away for a year and they would see if anything changed in that time. I pointed out the lump which she checked and said didn’t feel like cancer but would ultrasound just in case.
Fast forward many weeks and it was found that I had 4cm grade three TN lump with vascular invasion. Have now had mastectomy, chemo and rads and due mammogram. I have no confidence in the people who do this at my hospital so have asked that it is done at another hospital where I can get results same day (again privately). Am I being unreasonable? These people told me to wait a year. I dread to think what my diagnosis would have been if I had waited!!! Consultant, it seem’s, is not happy to refer me elsewhere.
Sorry to waffle on, but I have lost so much sleep over this. What should/can I do?
Thank you
Nicki x

My routine mammogram didn’t pick up my grade three lobular carcinoma - it only showed up on an ultrasound. I would probably have gone away happily after the mammogram if I hadn’t found the lump on self examination. Thankfully my team acted very quickly once diagnosed and I continue to tell the tale albeit only 11 months after dx but I am hopeful for many many more years to come.

Hi Supertrouper, I don’t think we are alone by any means with mammogram not picking cancer up. I have just lost all confidence in the team at my hospital that do the mammograms and report on the findings. You would have thought any change in the area that previously had DCIS would have set off alarm bells with them!
Has anyone else changed hospitals for mammograms and have you had to change consultant to have this done?
I will need some serious counselling to trust my hospital again!!

It is said that if you have a symptom, ie you can feel a lump that you should not go for a screening mammogram as this alone is not good enough. I think your initial problem is that you went for a screening mammogram which they do not recommend once you have had DCIS.If you have a lump you should see a doc to have it felt; have a mammogram and ultrasound, and some sort of biopsy. Mammograms are only 90-95% sensitive at picking up BC.

I had invasive lobular BC that just felt like a thickening, no lump. My mammogram and ultrasound were both clear, but good consultant radiologist biopsied the area then found.

I have been told I will never have a screening mammogram again, I will have a mammogram, but it will be looked at by someone who knows I have had invasive lobular BC and will be really careful and thorough.

I think you need to discuss your worries with your consultant, but at the end of the day, you have every right to be referred elsewhere or have a second opinion.

Good luck.

Prior to being diagnosed in 2006, all of my test results came back clear, even the numerous biopsy samples. It was found 3 weeks later when I went to have the fibroid removed that I’d been diagnosed with - the cancer was completely hidden by it. Nothing they use is foolproof.