No further forward. . .

Hi everyone,

I had my first visit to the breast clinic this morning and sadly I am no further forward. I had the normal chat with the doctor and breast examination, then I was sent to have an ultrasound. The doctor doing the u/s found lots (and lots!) of what he described as ‘nodules’ in my breast, so he decided that I had to have a mammogram. After that he decided that he wanted a further look at my breast with u/s. This took ages and then he said that my situation was ‘very complex’ possibly the most complex he’d ever seen and that he felt unable to say one way or another whether things were benign or not and needed someone much more senior to look at it all.

The end result is that all my notes, x-rays etc are now being forwarded to the senior consultant at Exeter. All they could say right now is that I will most likely get a referral letter to go and see him, with the possibility of further tests being scheduled. At this stage no one could say how long this will take to be organised, meanwhile they are going to have a case review to discuss their findings in more detail.

So here I am, pretty much at the same point as I was yesterday. No idea whether I have BC or a benign condition. I just don’t know what to do with myself, it’s so frustrating!


Kim x

Hi Kim,

I am 18 months on from my diagnosis but I still remember the anxiety of all the waiting. It really is the worst time. I had over 2 weeks to wait for my clinic appointment but was diagnosed very quickly when I eventually got there, so in some ways I was very lucky. I could tell by the look on the Ultrasound Tech’s face when he was doing it what the result would be.

I know there’s no point in telling you not to worry but I hope you get your results soon and turn out to be one of the majority who have a false alarm.

Jan xx

Thanks Jan!

I didn’t have to wait very long at all for my initial referral just a few days. I was expecting that after all the tests someone would be able to tell me at that point what they thought the problem was. I was in u/s for *ages* as he kept going back to look and look. I could see that he was having problems but I didn’t know what to think, especially when he said that he was worried about making a dx and wanted the most senior consultant to look at it all.

So now I go back to waiting again and as everyone says, the waiting and not knowing really is the hardest part.

We are visiting family this weekend and it’s going to be so hard to be cheerful! I have not said anything to them as yet, but I think I will need to explain why I am feeling so miserable at the moment.

I just hope that the second referral comes soon!

Kim x