No idea how to feel

Hello everyone

Thank you for welcoming me to the forum.

I was diagnosed yesterday and am still in shock. So many questions are flying around in my head. I don’t know how to feel, what to do, how to act, what to say… I’m guessing this is normal? My two boys are teenagers but have autism so will be having to tell them carefully and properly. At present it is just close friends and family who know. I feel like I’m not me anymore. One minute I’m full of fight the next I’m giving up. I’m booked in for an operation on 4th July to try and remove it and to test my lymph nodes to see if it has spread. Waiting. Just wanted to say hello and let you all know I’m thinking of you all and hope you may have some words of wisdom. I have an amazing husband and support network but I feel so alone if that makes sense?

Lots of love xxx

Hello dear MrsM


You are amongst friends on here who will understand just how you are feeling - shock being the exact word, that takes a while to assimilate.  You go over it in your head, one moment you feel no different to any other day - most of us seem to say " but I feel so well "  -  and then there is this feeling that the rest of the world is carrying on as normal, and doesn’t realise what is happening in our world?  And that’s how we react to any shock isn’t it . . . . 


The forum never closes - day and night, weekends and bank holidays, maybe not straight away, but someone will always have an answer to your worry or fear or anxiety.  


I’ve just popped in because I saw your post, but I have to tootle off now - but it’s a day at a time.  If you’ve got a fab supportive husband, you are one very lucky lady.  See you again. x

Quite normal, MrsM, getting diagnosed is a shock & we’ve all been there. 

It feels unreal & surreal initially, but it does settle down. Once the treatment plan is in place & you know what’s going to happen, then these feelings subside. 

It can help just to take it a day & an appointment at a time & try not to get into the ‘what ifs.’ 

Most importantly, now it’s been diagnosed it will be dealt with, even if it doesn’t feel like it at this stage. 

ann x

It certainly is a rollercoaster time, it is a totally normal reaction one minute very positive and the next planning for others future without us - that is an absolutely normal reaction.

I think waiting makes it more difficult, your mind goes into overdrive but until they have all the results from all the tests they cannot give you you’re treatment plan. It’s hard waiting but try not to worry about something you cannot control and take it day by day. You will get through this and there will be so many people on here to support you too. Don’t bottle up feelings - it’s free to express you’re feelings and worries on here without judgement.

Joemic x