No Lump but Swelling under arm

Hi Ladies, I’m hoping some one can help me here and give me some advice. I went to the doctors on Monday as I have had swelling under my left arm for a while now, I noticed it first a couple of months ago when shaving my arm pit. Any way, I put it to the back of my mind but recently I have been having quite a bit of pain in my left breast and an uncomfortable feeling generally around that area. The doctor had a good feel about and said she could not feel any “distinctive” lumps but she agreed that my armpit was swollen and said she was going to refer me to have a mammogram and an Ultrasound. When she said I should have an appointment within 2 weeks, I started to panic, thinking she must think it is major cause for concern, but she said not and it was usual procedure?? Is this correct or does she think there is a something realy wrong with me. My appointment has come through for next Thursday 25th, and I am really worried and can’t stop thinking about it - it feels like a life time away. Thanks for any replies in advance.

Hi JenP

I think your GP is doing her job very well.

When I found my lump in 2007 I went to my GP and told him I thought I had found a lump. He did not examine me but said he would get me a hospital referal which he did, though it was not a quick as yours.

We hear of some ladies on this forum who have tried time and time again to get their GPs referred to see a specialist.

Let us know how you get on.

Sending you love and Hugs


you are so lucky this is the attitude that your doctors is taking. Theoretically they are only supposed to mark certain types of symptoms as urgent, but in practice most surgeries pu them all through as urgent referals so that you get seen within 2 week. Imagine how you would be feeling now with an appointment as far away as October. Its bad enough having to wait until the 27th.

Now i am sure you have read that 9 out of 10 cases turn out to be normal breast changes, but it is not going to stop you wondering if you are the unlucky 1 in 10, its only natural. People react differently to the waiting time. Some retreat into a surreal bubble, not realy worrying, but not realy functioning either. Some completely break down and cant stop crying, some just have it in their mind 24/7 not able to think about anything else, some are ratty to all around them, and some go through these emotions one of the other. Every reaction is normal, its a huge blow finding a lump and a horrid time waiting for that first appointment.

you have done well to get it investigated and even better to have found this site and started posting, it will be a great help–both for information and support.

Don’t google!!! the information is out of date and scarey.

Hi I have a large lump next to nipple but coz I’m only 25 he said none urgent but I still got reffered to a specialist within 8 days. Lots of luck to you I’ve only been on here nearly 2 weeks and seen many get good news x

Thanks everyone so far for replying. It is good to read other peoples experiences. I wish i could put it to the back of my mind until next week, but at the moment I just think of it 24/7 and i cannot concentrate at work, I am probably being a complete nightmare to live with. God only knows what I would be like if I had an actual lump and I know that many many ladies on here are far worse off than me. I will try to not let my imagination run away with me !!

JenP, we ALLL remember what The Waiting Room is like, and it’s the pits. Best of luck for your appointment, and meanwhile take a look at the Publications section on here to find out the sort of thing that is likely to go on at the clinic. They’re not all the same, but it’ll give you a good idea. Get hold of a notebook to write down any questions that might occur to you as you’re reading. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A SILLY QUESTION. Ask on here, ask the clinic, call the helpline (they’re fab) and ask them, but don’t sit there and just worry and wonder. If it’s enough to bother you, it’s not a silly question.

Best of luck, and do let us know how you get on.