no more chemo-hooray!!

Hi all,

I just wanted to say-YIPPEE-had my final TAX last thurs!
I can’t believe how fast the last 6 mths has passed-and strangeley enough it hasn’t been half as bad as I expeced it to be.
It’s day 4 and I feel OK-bit of a shock as I had 2wks in bed after last one! Maybe it’s all in my mind now I know its over!
Go for my simulator appt next week and RADS starts end of month but I’m not thinking bout that yet. I know the journey’s not over yet really but the worst part is-I hope!
Booked a holiday for me and my mum in Nov to Malta so thinking bout that instead-can’t wait. I’ve ordered another wig as well so I’m hoping that will come today-never thought I’d ever be excited about that I can tell you.
This horrible disease certainly changes your whole way of thinking doesn’t it?

Anyway, hang in there ladies, before you know it you’ll be having your last one too-and it feels soooooooooo good,

Take care

Tracy xx


Congratulations on getting to the end. What a relief!! I’ve just had my 2nd FEC and the end still seems a way off yet (4 more to go!) but it’s hearing stories like yours that make it seem less daunting. I can’t wait.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday and hope the wig comes soon - they make all the difference some days don’t they?

Good luck with the rads etc, let us know how you get on.



Well done Tracy,

And you too Alison.

Here’s a big hug for each of you!

beano x

Hi all

I remember it well! Felt good and still does.

Marilyn x


Congrats on getting to the end, I have only just had first one last week, so a way to go yet, but hopefully like you say, will go quicker than I think.

Well done on booking your hols too - we had to cancel our week to Spain, but hopefully will get away by the end of year. Bet you can’t wait to go now.

Take care

Hi everyone,

Dawn and Alison-its all still new to you both and probably still daunting, my love and thoughts are with you both. Just remember, cry when you want to as loudly as you want to, laugh/dance and sing when you have the energy wherever you may be and most of all try to keep smiling for yourself as it really does make a difference. Its a horrible time for all of us but I do believe it makes us stronger and able to face anything-it has to doesn’t it?

Beano-thanks for the hug! Don’t get many these days lol!!!

Hang in there ladies, I promise you the time will fly by before you know, probably because we think in 3 week blocks don’t we?

Big hugs to all

Tracy xx

You’re welcome Tracy!

All the best, hon

beano x